Adventures of Jubilee
In Town
Sue / 78 / sunny
02/16/2011, Georgetown, Bahamas

We went shoppiing and tried to catch up on our blog and email today. We did the necessary food shopping, filled the gas tank(s), and water jugs. I included an image of the dinghy dock inside Lake Victoria.

Chat 'n Chill; Volleyball Beach
Don / clear / sunny 78
02/15/2011, Georgetown, Bahamas

A wide angle look at all the parked dinghys on Volleyball Beach while their owners are playing cards (bridge) mexican train, fun volleyball and regulation volleyball.

Valentine's Day
Sue / 79 / sunny
02/14/2011, Chat 'n' Chill

On Valentine night we had the opportunity to dance to "Sixteen Candles" in honor of my b-day along with a lot of other favorites.
Pictured below are Toni and Dave our friends from Lansdowne, PA.

Rufus joins the Party
02/13/2011, Bad Boy; Volleyball Beach

Doug & Rufus enjoying each other.
We played Sequence until the Girls won!!

Party on Felix the Cat
Sue / 80 / Sunny
02/12/2011, Monument Beach

Don pictured with Dave O'Neill on their 45' catamaran at a cocktail party.
They are from Annapolis and hope to finish building their home in Rock Hall, Md.

Ride to Williams Town
Sue / 80 / Sunny
02/11/2011, Georgetown, Bahamas

On my birthday we went zipped to Williams Town via fast moving dinks like
we were in a race!! Made ya feel like a teenager on a road rally going over 20mph on the water!
All 35 dinks pulled up onto the beach & we all had a picnic lunch and swam in the
clear crystal blue ocean. Then we all got in our dinks again and took off for
trip back home (approx. 10 miles one way). It was a wild ride and I'm glad we will be only doing this once.

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