Adventures of Jubilee
Reaching the C&D Canal
Don / warmer / 60s
11/09/2011, C&D Canal

It was a pleasure to have the autohelm to operate so flawlessly today. Jubilee maintained a regular 5.9 -6.0 knots against the tide and for about 4 hrs, the current as well. Went we entered the C&D Canal the temps seem to elevate a bit and we enjoyed a bit more speed.

Leavin' Green Point Landing
Don / sunny / colder 50s
11/09/2011, Worton Creek, MD

It was sunny but entirely too cool to go for a sail. Jubilee started right up and performed flawlessly clugging out of the marina for the last time in 2011. She will be back in 6 months or so, but needs some tender loving care on land.

A Delightful Smile!
Don / 81 / warm & sunny
10/07/2011, Sailrite Booth ~ Annapolis S/S

Look who is getting out the bucks!!

After so many testimonials Sue finally relented and allowed the purchase of a Sailrite LZS-1 sewing machine.

Now I've got lots to learn!

Can I Take it with ME?
Sue / warm and sunny / 81
10/07/2011, Annapolis Sailboat Show - Sailrite Booth

Christmas came a couple months early for Don. He had to have this blue sewing machine. In fact, he wanted to carry it to the car. When I explained to him that the Maryland tax was so much more than the shipping he agreed to wait 'til the following week to start using it.

Jubilee's Sales Team
Don / 80 / warm & sunny
10/07/2011, Annapolis Sailboat Show

It was a surprise to meet the salesman and marine surveyor of Jubilee from Rochester, NY at the show. Corbo on the left and Eric in the middle were pleased to hear of Jubilee's travels and the care she is receiving over the last three yrs.

The Lunch Bunch
Don / 79 / warm & sunny
10/07/2011, Annapolis Sailboat Show

They were waiting for us when we arrived at the checkin gate. Dave and Toni are never late for anything. Our mentors for the Bahamas trip last yr, always on the ball and aware of their surroundings.

We enjoyed comparing notes about the show with them for lunch at the "Fleet Club" on ego alley.

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