Adventures of Jubilee
Part II
Don / sunny / cold 38º
01/05/2012, Delaware City Marina

Wake up and start putting on the cabin cover...check; ask Sue to go to the car for more line to tie up the bow cover. Looks good; tighten it up and see if it needs more line.

Back to Basics for the cold winter months
Don / sunny / cold 38º
01/05/2012, Delaware City Marina

Fill the diesel tanks... check; drain all water bearing tanks, engine, shower pump and heat exchanger and fill w/ anti-freeze...check; empty the boat of all electric items and all canvas... check; change oil & filter, lube prop, run messenger lines on all halyards....check; Take a nap!

Textile Run
Don / sunny / cool 50s
11/10/2011, Somerset, NJ

Geri Walker joined us for this road trip up to Somerset, NJ and our new supplier of fabrics we found last week courtesy of Dave Mershon. We are presently known as Engler's Designer Awnings and are very pleased with the availablity of their quality sumbella and surlast fabrics; but the prices are truly super too!
In this pic the roll lying down is the boat cover material and the other two are navy sumbrella and sail cloth material. We had a wonderful day and a great lunch to boot.

Reaching the Rt#1 Bridge
Don / sunny / 60s
11/09/2011, C&D Canal

It's a good thing we decided to bring Jubilee north today, because the weather is supposed to change and rain is predicted tomorrow. This image shows Sue relaxing on the port side before we reached the Rt #1 Bridge and St. Georges Bridge.

Reaching the C&D Canal
Don / warmer / 60s
11/09/2011, C&D Canal

It was a pleasure to have the autohelm to operate so flawlessly today. Jubilee maintained a regular 5.9 -6.0 knots against the tide and for about 4 hrs, the current as well. Went we entered the C&D Canal the temps seem to elevate a bit and we enjoyed a bit more speed.

Leavin' Green Point Landing
Don / sunny / colder 50s
11/09/2011, Worton Creek, MD

It was sunny but entirely too cool to go for a sail. Jubilee started right up and performed flawlessly clugging out of the marina for the last time in 2011. She will be back in 6 months or so, but needs some tender loving care on land.

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