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22 June 2012 | Stuart, Fl
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27 April 2010 | 24 14.080’ N: 076 29.433’W
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23 March 2008 | Water Cay
03-06-08 23 01.75'N : 75 43.02'W
Water Cay
Well after a week in Georgetown we have had enough of the city life. There are about 300 boats in the harbor and everyone is getting ready for the cruiser's regatta. So that means it is time for us to clear out!!!! ?. "S/V So Fine Tooo" is now in Georgetown with us so the cruising team is back together. Lou and Donna are just a hoot to be around and when we are together we just seem to laugh a lot.
They want to see the Jumentos, so off we go south. To go through the Hog Cay Cut it is important to have a high slack tide or at least go through it on a rising tide. Well the tide is high at 0500 and 1700 so either time just doesn't work. So we sail down during the day and anchor off of Little Exuma then go through the cut the next morning. No problems with the cut, so we have a nice day of sailing the 28 miles down here to Water Cay.
It is a bit crowded here as there is one other boat besides us! You just gotta love the Jumentos!!
03-09-08 22 52.42'N: 75 52.11'W
Flamingo Cay
The weather was suppose to change with a front coming through so we decided to hang out at Water for a bit, and see the sights. The weather front never really formed, as everything stalled out north and west of us. But it did bring four other boats to the anchorage. As Water Cay is the only northerly protection for quite a distance! But it did give us a chance to do some REALLY nice snorkeling. We went to a "Blue Hole" and the surrounding reef was just beautiful. It had multitudes of fish, and more trigger fish than I have ever seen. Diane and I drifted around for hours!
Another boat from the anchorage, "SV Brickhouse" was able to get a couple of fish and some conch, so dinner was scheduled at our boat!!!!! Well plenty of lies were told and a good time was had by all.
Today we decide to move a bit south, so we head down the 12 or so miles to Flamingo Cay. "SV Slow Mocean" is anchored here also. SO we take the small cove south of them. We do our dingy patrols and explore the cave and beaches. There is a beautiful anchorage in the north end, maybe next time. It is very nice here, we have a nice dinner with 'SV So Fine Tooo" and another beautiful day ends!!!!!!
Vessel Name: jusdreaming
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 37 Catamaran
Hailing Port: Stuart, Fl
Crew: Denny & Diane DeRanek
About: Admiral- Diane First Mate- Matilda
Home Page: http://www.svjusdreaming.net
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Who: Denny & Diane DeRanek
Port: Stuart, Fl