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The trials and sailing tales of Denny & Diane
Enjoying the Exumas
03/27/2011, George Town

Well the trip so far has been pretty regular stuff. We left Nasssau, FINALLY, and headed for Shroud Cay. Shroud has some good exploring in the small creeks. So we decided we should show Penny all of the sights. Unfortunately I left a bit early, tide wise and I, being team leader, ended up pulling the dingy over a bunch of sand bars. But it was quite the adventure.
After that we headed down to Cambridge Cay for some snorkeling, and it was all good until Diane pulled out the bag of dog for the fish, and Penny thought it was a scene from Piranha :0! But they saw lots of fish and had a great time.
Then we headed for Stanial Cay/ Black Point. We explored Thunderball grotto and hang out at Black Point for some squalls and wind, then off to George Town we went.
That is where we are now and have been for a few days. Our dear friend Penny caught a plane this morning back to Stuart, so it is a bit sad around here today 
So all in all not much out of the ordinary here.

Having Fun
03/18/2011, Stanial Cay

Well we are about half way down the Exuma chain. It has been good, just missing old friends. Had a good time at Shroud Cay, except we left a bit early tide wise, so I ended up towing the girls up the creek. Then went down to Caimbridge and went snorkeling, Penny had a blast until diane released the dog food/fish food, and Penny was imediatley surrounded by a school of fish, which intimidated her a touch 
Well we are currently in Stanial Cay and headed south tomorrow with a stop at Black Point for home made bread and laundry.
Be well and we check again when we can

heading east and south
03/11/2011, Nassau

Well as usual the crossing of the stream was a bit of a bitch. We got hammered pretty well coming out of Ft. Lauderdale with 10-12
ft seas, then the slowly decresed to 5-10, (swell and wind chop).
We did an overnight across the banks and cleared in Morgans Bluff. A couple of days there and then headed for Nassau. Penny got a good taste of the locals in Morgans :)
Allis well and enjoying life!!!!!!!!!!!!


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