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The trials and sailing tales of Denny & Diane
03/31/2007, Stanial Cay

03/31/07 23 45.895"N:76 05.919
We get an early start out of Rocky Point. The winds are still 15-20 out of the east so it is another nice day of sailing. Lee Stocking Island is the destination today. It is a beautiful sail through "Pudding Cut" and then up the chain to Lee Stocking. On the way we see another Lagoon and it is "Casa Bella". Another friend of "Molly Bloom", they call us and we exchange pleasantries. A beautiful day at Williams Bay was had by all.
04/01/07 24 11.033"N: 76 27.710"W
The destination today is "Big Major" via the Pimblicos Route. It is calmer with the winds 10-15 out of the east. It is a beautiful sail up to Stanial/ Big Major.
The next morning seeing the pigs on the beach is the order of the day. We load up the dingy and head to the beach. Diane has a bag of carrots for the pigs. We get to the beach and the pigs decide to load up in the dingy with us, and these are not little pigs. I don't think I have ever seen two women come out of a dingy as fast in my life. The boar decided to chase Diane and steal the whole bag and scurry off. It was definitely a "Kodak" moment ? ?!
We decide to head over to Sampson Cay for fuel and water. It is an uneventful docking experience. Then we head down to Stanial Cay to anchor and do a grocery store run and spend the night.

Fall 2006
Sailing the Banks
03/30/2007, Rocky Point

03/30/07 23 34.700"N: 76 02.519"W
We enjoy a nice visit to the beach and then head out at 010:30. We have 33 miles to cover today. We will make it from Cook's to Rocky Point. The wind is 15-20 out of the east, with a gentle 2-3 ft. swell. The first half of the trip is down wind with a following sea. The second half is a beam reach, with the wind picking up to 18-23, so it is a screamer for the last 15 or so miles?.
We arrive at Rocky Point around 1500, so we made the 33 miles at an average of 6.6. And saw the 8 knts for awhile. Rocky anchorage under these conditions but will be fine for the night.
This is the first time Susie has been on board with good sailing conditions, with no engines. She has always been motor sailing with us. Her only comment was "now I see why you guys love this". ? ?

Fall 2006
Georgetown Shuffle
03/29/2007, Cook's Point Lagoon

03-29-07 23 25.095"N: 75 37.462"W
Well we have done the Georgetown Shuffle for three weeks. You go from one side of the harbor to the other for relief from the 20-30 knt winds, and the boredom of not going any where for three weeks.
Our good friend Susie arrived on the 23 of March and we showed her the sights of G-Town. This included Sand Dollar Beach, Kidd's Cove, Lake Victoria, and Red Shanks. She met all our new friends and made some her self. But it is time to move on!
The wind has dropped down to 15-20 and the seas have laid down a bit so we are heading around through Hog Cay Cut and then proceed around the south side of Great Exuma. We have never been there so it is a new adventure.
Hog Cay Cut is no problem as we hit it at mid tide and don't see less than 5 feet. We turn west raise the head sail and have a nice down wind sail and head for Cook Point Lagoon.

Fall 2006

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