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The trials and sailing tales of Denny & Diane
Tomorrow Finally
01/11/2008, Key Biscayne

Well we are headed across to Bimini tomorrow!!!
And for the first time we are traveling with a gaggle of other boats. A bunch of us are here off Key Biscayne staging. Diane said it reminded her of a wagon train. As every one was prepping their boats for the crossing, tying stuff down raising dinghies etc. etc.. So at 0600 we will be off to the Bahamas. So pictures will follow and stories of eating fresh fish and new adventures. Be Well

A Little Farther South
01/10/2008, Dinner Key

Well Miami Beach just got a bit busy, so we decided to move a bit farther south. Other than GREAT cuban food at a small market and the scenery the most exciting thing was meeting the "Anchor Police" in Miami Beach. We had just come into the anchorage, south of Julia Tuttle Causeway. I dropped the anchor and started doing the paperwork of the day, and some boat chores. Diane came down into the engine room and informed me the police were here. Again my first thought was "oh crap, just what I need!
Again I was wrong!! The officer tied off to the spring cleat, with a fender, and introduced himself. He asks us our names, and informed us of the rules of the anchorage. He was almost apologetic, as he informed us of the rules. He was quick to explain that there were many exceptions, IE: bad weather, mechanical problems, medical problems, you almost just need a reason to stay longer than the seven day limit.
He explained the ruling was to keep the derelict boats from being anchored in front of the multimillion dollar homes for weeks on end, or forever!!!!!!!! I can understand their thinking here. He also informed us, sailors are generally nice folks, but he runs into an a??"hole every once in a while. He then informs them that, "they WILL, be required to leave in seven days!"
Again, as with the Coast Guard, the officer asks the required questions, filled out the forms, told us if we needed anything to call them, and left. He, like the CG was extremely polite, courteous and seemed to be a nice guy. It was a very refreshing confrontation. I can not imagine being treated more fairly.
With both encounters, it was very clear that the people were just doing their jobs. And I am sure if we had come across with an attitude, we would have been treated in the same manner. And as I always told my son," They have guns and sticks, be nice ? !" But these guys were entertaining, polite, and a pleasure to deal with!!!!!!!!!!

NOAA vs Navy
01/06/2008, Lake Sylvan

Well the NOAA weather man was calling for 10-15 out of the east, and 3-5 ft seas out of the NE. The "Naval Wave" site called for the seas to be out of the ESE. I should have listened to the Navy!!! The seas were 3-5 out of the east along with the wind. Which made for a bit of a rolly ride heading SSW. Then the winds crapped out and went to the south. It went from a 7-8 knot ride to a 4-5 knot ride. So instead of a long ride to Miami, it turned into a moderate ride to Ft. Lauderdale. "Xanadu" and I decided it would be wiser to quit early rather than come into the Port of Miami after dark!!!!!! SO here we sit in Lake Sylvan, Ft Lauderdale. With a trawler with 8 gay guys( I am not guessing they came over and said Hi), in front of us and a boat full of nude people to side of us, ain't Florida grand? :)


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