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The trials and sailing tales of Denny & Diane
Good Bye Bahamas
06/06/2008, Moraine

We Say Good Bye to the Bahamas
Well another cruising season has come to an end. It has been a very good seven months. It seems like forever since we left Bohicket back in December. But it is time to head back to the barn, to lick our wounds!!!
With a start in the Biminis and an ending in the Abacos. We were able to help out with both the Georgetown Cruiser's net and the Abacos cruiser's net, which we enjoy very much!!! And ended our trip at Moraine Cay, (And WOW what a beautiful reef). We had a phenomenal season. We made a lot of new friends and had the chance to spend quality time with old friends. Old friends sank boats, while new friends learned it is hard to sink a boat! New places were visited, and old places reviewed. That is the best thing about cruising; it is the renewal of friendships and the revisiting of familiar places to see how things change! The waters are still as clear as gin and for the most part all friends are alive and well!!!!
This year we helped old friends see new places and see new things. For the first time we saw, pilot whales, huge marlin, (both leaping out of the water) r, also ocean sunfish. We caught more tuna than we ever have, but caught fewer dolphins, (mahi mahi). I guess things just work out.
Diane and I were successful in quitting smoking, and we did not kill each other! The main health issues this year were with Matilda getting teeth pulled in Georgetown! Other wise we did well health wise. All fingers and toes accounted for! I can't say there weren't some minor cuts, abrasions and bruises where the sun doesn't shine. But all in all nothing to write home about!
We again learned new things about our boat. Diane learned about baking cakes in an oven that tilts. And I learned more about trusting myself and not following other people aground! ? But more than anything else we have had fun!!!!!!!! I have learned to love, and respect Diane even more!! I feel so very fortunate to be able to live this life style with her and truly live our dreams!!

Susie does Abacos
05/25/2008, Marsh Harbor

Well it was a good time with Susie on board with us. We went all over the Abacos for a total of 130 miles. From Little Harbor up tp Great Guana. While she was with us we broke the skunk for fishing. We caught a 20 lb. tuna, BUT, by the time Diane got it in a shark had consumed half of it but the front half ate very well. Then the next day we actually hooked up with three tuna at the same time. Susie had never caught anything trolling, so screaming and panic abounded. But when she screamed "WHAT DO I DO, WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed "real dammit". But after the winding we boated one of the three, and tuna steaks again.
We sure will miss having her on board with us, she was tons of help!!
That about sums the week up and now after I am finished with my cruisers' net duty we will start looking for weather windows for heading back to Florida!!

Abacos Again
05/14/2008, Marsh Harbor

Well as we mentioned we were headed north via the Exuma chain. Well we are currently in Marsh Harbor. When we left Georgetown the winds were in the west for the first day or two so we sailed outside up to Little Galiot. We then stayed inside for the rest of the trip north. We tucked in behind Sampson's Cay one night for protection from North winds then stopped at Hawksbill, then Ship Channel Cay. The northern cays are still some what remote. We then went through the Fleming Channel and over to Meeks Patch near Spanish Wells. What a wonderful place Spanish Wells is!!! Great grocery store very kind and friendly folks. From there we sail over to the Abacos and here we are safe and sound at anchor in Marsh Harbor


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