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The trials and sailing tales of Denny & Diane

22 June 2012 | Stuart, Fl
06 June 2012 | Marsh Harbor
26 May 2012 | Royal Island
04 May 2012 | George Town
29 April 2012 | George Town
17 April 2012 | George Town, Exumas
30 March 2012 | Black Point
03 March 2012 | Black Point
28 February 2012 | Pipe Cay
16 February 2012 | Chubb Cay
10 February 2012 | Bimini
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07 February 2012 | Miami
02 February 2012 | Sunrise, Fl
27 March 2011 | George Town
18 March 2011 | Stanial Cay
11 March 2011 | Nassau
28 February 2011 | Stuart
27 April 2010 | 24 14.080’ N: 076 29.433’W
26 April 2010

Are we having fun yet

22 June 2012 | Stuart, Fl
Diane wanted to go to Spanish Wells for a secret sea glass spot. When we finally got there, Diane was walking on the "iron shore" and fell. She fcked up her foot,ankle, shin, and hand, pretty bad. Basically lost skin every where, so sea glass adventures were over as she could not walk on her foot. She kinda looked like a mummy with my bandaging!!! But this meant it was time to head for Marsh Harbor. Other than running out of fuel,AGAIN, about half way there, all worked out well.

We got to MH and anchored in the harbor to get fuel, and groceries. But in the middle of the night I am awakened by a major storm approaching. All of a sudden I hear a MAJOR bang. Yep we got struck by lightning. It's about 3:00 in the morning so I go back to bed. The next morning we confirm sht is broke, and everything at the mast head is gone, except the wind instruments. Other wise electronics are fried. But I figure I can get us home without GPS, as the depth sounder is working, and I know the way home.

So we decide after some groceries, and fuel we head out. Well just before Treasure Cay, we get slammed by a squall with 50 knt,, and lightning and thunder. Well we get hit AGAIN, this time it finished off what was barely working before. Needless to say I was not a happy camper at this point. I am ready to do a "LT. Dan" from "Forrest Gump" , moment. So back to MH to figure out what to do. well as usual, the cruiser's community pitches in and loans us a VHF, and a GPS. We are ready to get the hell back to Stuart at this point. I am advised not to raise the main as we could dis mast due to damage to the rigging. Ok we can still do this, it will be a SLOW trip with no main and basically one engine.

Uneventful trip to West End, with a few stops between.

We leave West End at about 4:00 am with light winds on a close reach. But as the winds die and clock we are now making a whopping 2 knts.(one engine and no main). The GPS says it is going to be approx. 18 hrs to get across. With no autohelm, Diane in a major MS flair. I figure this is not going to be a good thing being at the helm with no relief for 18 hours. So Diane says "don't we have unlimited towing?" So I call Tow boat and request a tow. They come out in about three hours, and we are still 46 miles out. It was a nice ride at 9 knts the rest of the way.

Then as we are coming in the inlet,being towed, we are boarded by the customs/immigration folks. Nothing found, except Diane's giant medicine bag gets their interest. But after about a half hour they bid us good luck. But as we are making it up the river we get a major squall with 65 knts hits us. Raing hard enough that I could not even see the tow boat. We drag them all over the river but no harm no foul.

The next day we go to Ft. lauderdale and pick up our car. As we are getting close to home, we are staying in a friends condo, so Di has all her meds with her in the dose box, we get stopped by the police for speeding. He decides he should now search the car!!!!!!!!!!!! And naturally he finds Diane's meds. Not in their bottles but in the dosage box. He informs her he could put her in jail for four days with no calls. After standing next to the squad car with strobing light, Diane is becoming seizureish. She grabs him by the arm and he says "don't touch me!!!!!!!!!!" and he doesn't care if she has MS, the law is the law. She does not go to jail but gets her ass reamed by the "dick head cop", and we finally get home.

So lets say we probably have had enough adventures for a month or two. And we have started the process of insurance

Been That Kind of Year

06 June 2012 | Marsh Harbor
Well the trip over from Royal Island/Spanish Well was pretty uneventful. Until we ran out of fuel about 35 miles out. evidently the engine with the injector pump problem is using more fuel than we figure. We should have still had 10 gallons of fuel left. But luckily another boat "SV Silver Girl" heaved to and allowed us to catch up to them. Then we passed fuel over in a 5 gal can. Which was just a hoot in 3-5 ft seas and us with just sails for power. Robert did a wonderful job being towed by his wife diane in thier dingy and passing it up to us!!!!!!!!!!
So we get to Marsh Harbor the next day and life is good. We have wifi, resturants, and grocery store. But then the sun goes away again, and Diane is still gimped up from the encounter with the "iron Shore". But I can handle it and head for the stores.
Well then Friday night 6-3 we got struck by lightning. We wake up to no VHF antenna, no auto helm, no gps, no VHF, etc. etc. But what the hell comes with owning a boat with a mast.
So we decide to start heading back and start the procedure of getting stuff fixed. Well we decide to start back in short hops, but can't cross over until Monday. Well we make it 15 miles and another squall with 50 knots of wind, and a water spout comes in, and you guessed it, WE GET STRUCK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now the equipment that was not hurt, is now toast for sure. We will be waiting for enough time without lightning to head home!!!!!!!!!!! :)
The trip back

Where's the Sun

26 May 2012 | Royal Island
25 30.269’n 76 46.651’w
Well the “Boonies” have been an excursion to say the least. We made over night stops at Williams Bay, then up to “Bay Rush Bay, (south of Black Point), then Staniel, Hawksbill the Highbourne. We ended up staying up at the north end of Highbourne Cay for about a week. It was calm so some reef diving was in order. Except there was no sun!!! For a week we waited for the sun to come out but finally gave up and decided to head north.
The trip up through the “Fleming Channel” was un-eventful but still interesting to look at all the reefs. Our destination is “Meeks Patch” and we make it there with a little sun left to anchor by. It was a SLOW trip with little to no wind. And with one and a half engine our speeds are not good.
When we wake up to listen to the weather, it sounds like something is brewing in the south. So here is not a bad place to wait out the prognosis. With Royal Island, and Meeks, we have some options for a hidey hole IF we need it. Well it turns out to be a sound move as the weather “system” does develop into Beryl, and we get another week of NO SUN, AND LOTS OF RAIN AND WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
While we were at Meeks Patch we decode to do some beach combing. Well the “Admiral” was wearing her flip flops, and tripped/fell on the “Iron-shore”. It was not pretty; she gashed her foot pretty bad, her shins/knee, and finished with her arm. It was ugly but at least no stitches required. But after I bandaged her all up she resembled a person from a bike wreck. She is REALLY sore but looks like all will heal.
Here in Royal Island we have seen winds to 42 knts. and rain for three straight days. The anchor has held and other than being really bored all is well.
It looks like Sunday, or Monday will be our window for heading for the Abacos, with somewhat favorable conditions 
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