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The trials and sailing tales of Denny & Diane
Welcome to Florida
02/14/2009, Ft. George, Fl

2-14-09 N 30 26.403 W81 26.144
We had a good night at Moon River, and then caught the Hell's Gate at high tide which is always good. So far pretty good. There are very few people out here; we have seen maybe four boats in two days.
So much for anticipation, we finally went aground today!!!!! It was a soft grounding, actually only one hull was stuck, the depth meter said 18 ft... So much for being 21 feet wide. It only took us about five minutes to back and wiggle off and go on our way. By the way we are only using one engine as the starboard engine's alternator fell off!!!!!! The adjustment bracket broke in half which allowed it to fall over, OH WELL ! At least we have two engines and sails.
The next night we anchored up the Duplin River, (N 31 25.516 W 81 17.672), a very pretty spot and very calm and protected between Little Sapelo and Sapelo Islands.
Friday the thirteenth finds us easing ever farther south, we passed through Brunswick and past Jekyll Island to our over night at the north end of Cumberland Island, (N 30 53.956 W81 26.144), another nice spot!!!
Today Saturday, we have finally made into Florida!!!!!!!!! It has rainy all day long, so it was a long day, but we made to our usual spot, Ft. George, just a few miles north of Jacksonville. Tomorrow we will head outside and do some fishing and head for St. Augustine.

South of Savanna
02/11/2009, Moon River

31 55.521N 81 04.358W
Well it has been an uneventful three days so far! We made good time on Monday until I missed the last opening of the swing bridge in Beaufort, which meant a two hour wait until the next opening. But we waited and anchored just south of the bridge. Tuesday we stopped at the Wright River at the north end of Fields Cut, just north of the Savanna River. Then today we had a stop in Savanna, and then made it down to Moon River!! It got real windy this afternoon, (15-20 knts.) which made for slow going!! But all is well and we are pressing on getting farther south every day.


Well it has been a very LONG summer/ winter!! But we are finally done with all that needed to be done and will be heading out with the tide in the morning. We are headed for Ft. Lauderdale, with some ICW and outside travel. We will keep everyone posted


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