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The trials and sailing tales of Denny & Diane
RIde Across the Tongue
04/07/2009, Nassau

25 04.572'N: 77 18.578'W
We are currently in Nassau anchored at the east end of the harbor. We had to leave our friends Lou and Donna and make our way east. The crossing of the banks were extremely nice with virtually no seas and winds at 10 knts. out of the south. It always amazes me when I get on the banks, 70 miles of crystal clear water and never gets deeper than 15-20 feet deep. But you can see the bottom clearly and sometimes for the first time since Florida!!!
We spent the night at NW Shoals tucked in behind the shoal and bedded down for the night!
On Monday we made our way across the Tongue of the Ocean to Nassau. The weather called for winds 15-20 from the SSW with seas running 3-5. So a good sail day for the crossing. Well as usual the forecast was a bit off. The wind never clocked around to the SW and stayed at a steady 20-25 knts. Needless to say it was one hell of a ride across. We saw a pretty steady 6-8 ft. sea just off the bow. One actually broke over the windward side, not a problem, except that is where Diane was sitting!!!!!!!!!! She learned quickly not to sit windward side!!!!!!!!! But it was a fun ride and we made 7-8 Knt average speed with a reef in so all in all a good day. Oh yeah we lost two small, (10-15 lbs.) dolphins, got them up to the boat and basically let them throw the hook as we have a freezer full of fish already!

Paradise At Last
04/01/2009, Bimini

Well after a very long, seems like forever, time, of selling homes and working in Ft. Lauderdale we have finally made it back to Bimini for the start of a couple of months in the Bahamas!
It was an interesting night crossing, not our worst, but far from our most pleasurable! The wind was suppose to clock around to the south to southwest but never made the shift, and was to suppose to be 5-10. Well it stayed 10-15 with 4-6 ft seas. So needless to say it was a slow ride with wind and seas on the nose!!!!!!!!
But we are here, and life is GOOD!!!!!!!! the water is beautiful and we are with good friends Donna and Lou. So all is well that ends well!

Dreaded Weather Windows
03/29/2009, Ft. Lauderdale

Well we have been swinging on this mooring ball now for a week waiting on a weather window!!!!! The seas have been in excess of 10 ft for a week. BUT tomorrow it looks like there is a small window. So we are doing a night crossing with a couple of other boats. The seas are finally laying down for a day, so off we go!!!!!!!!!!! The plan is to go south to Miami then turn east, that way we will have a better angle on the wind. Bimini here we come!!!!!!!


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