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The trials and sailing tales of Denny & Diane
Back in Nassau
05/13/2009, Nassau

Nassau, Bahamas
After Cambridge we sailed up to Allen's Cay. Alan on "Kokopelli" knew of some very nice reefs for snorkeling and hunting. I chased a big grouper around for what seemed to be a mile. Finally he went into a hole, so I figured now is my chance! When I went down I did not see him but I did see a large blue striped grunt, so I harvested him instead.
Diane ate the grunt while I ate conch fritters which Liz made. That night I figured I would try to catch a shark or ray just for the sport of it. Well at about ten o'clock, (cruiser's midnight), I remembered I had left the pole in the water. When I went up to reel it in there was a huge "Mutton Snapper" on the line. He measured 27 inches and weighed about 15 pounds. So we now have dolphin, and snapper on board!!!
After that we headed over to Nassau for fuel and re-provisioning before heading out for the Berrys Islands. So we should be back in the states by some time in June!!!!!


N24 18.157"N: 76 32.407"W
Well after a quick stop at Flamingo Cay we went up to Water Cay. It is just a quick jump up to Water. Kokopelli and us both wanted to do some diving/hunting on some of the reefs there so the plan was to stay a couple of days there.
The reefs and "Blue Holes" provide some fantastic diving. The reefs are beautiful with tons of fish. And the "Blue Holes" are very pretty but it is quite a risk hunting as there are a number of sharks that live there and are quick to take an easy meal if you spear something. A large Nurse shark actually came over to check me out and it got close enough that I had to poke it in the nose with my spear to make it decide that I was nothing worth eating!!!!
After a couple of days of great diving we decided to ease north. We sailed up the west side of Great Exuma with calm seas and a good wind for sailing. We did our thirty miles and decided to stop for the night at Rocky Point. In the morning we shoved off for the thirty miles up to Black Point. The best laundry mat in the entire Exumas, so laundry was the first priority, then a good meal at "Lorraine's Café". Kokopelli still needed some welding done so the next morning we headed up to Stanial Cay. It was "Cinco De Mayo" and the yacht club was throwing a party/buffet. Naturally we had to participate, with Liz and Allan and a couple of other boats we had met. A good time was had by all. This morning we all went over to "Thunder Ball Grotto" for a quick snorkel. Then we all pulled anchor and headed up to Cambridge Cay on the outside for some fishing. We had went about three miles and Kokopelli hailed us and said they were in a school of Dolphin (fish) so we headed over and immediately had a double hook up. Both boats landed their fish and we continued on into the anchorage. Then the work began cleaning the fish and then cleaning the boat. After disposing of the fish remains overboard, we noticed a couple of sharks showing interest. So I decided to investigate. I eased into the water and saw a huge barracuda, and then all of a sudden the large cuda sped off. Then a large Bull shark (6-8 ft.), appeared on the seen. I hollered up to Diane what I was seeing, she exclaimed that the barracuda had more sense than I did, and to get the hell out of the water. Heeding the "Admiral's" orders, I quickly climbed back on board!!! What a day, a good snorkel trip and then fresh fish for dinner, Life is GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

05/04/2009, Black Point

22 21.90'N: 75 49.0'W

We knew when we left Georgetown that we may get pinned down for a few days with crappy weather. Well a few days have now turned into eight days. Without being able to move ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!
Luckily the 75 mile day we did from Hog Cay Cut last week paid off, as we did in fact catch up with S/V Kokopelli. They were with three other boats hunkered down in a small cove called "House Bay" on Raccoon Cay. The other boats were S/V Galena, S/V Wind Lass, and M/V Lady Bell. By the time we got in on Tuesday night we had a steady 25 Knt. Wind blowing out of the NE. The wind continued to clock into the east and increase, which in turn has built the seas up to around the ten ft. range. So all of us have been pinned here.
We have found a blue hole and went swimming in it; we have explored all the trails, and found most of the ruins on the cay. But we are ready to get going, as cabin fever is setting in and all of us are ready to beat feet north.
The days consisted of listening to the weather on the SSBs then conferring that nothing has miraculously changed from the day before. Then someone will suggest an activity to entertain us. It seems have garbage fires has the best draw  Bill on Galena was the entertainment specialist, as he had at least 200 DVDs for us to borrow. Thanks a ton to
"Mr. Bill" And if you read this Bill remember you owe me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So as soon as we get Wifi again I will let everyone know where we are and heading toward.
22 53.0'n: 75 52.218'W
Racoon Cay is finally behind us! The weather finally laid down to 15-20 with 4 to six ft. seas. So we all decided it was time to make a break for it.
The winds were as predicted but the sea state was still a bit low. But what a great sail from Raccoon to Flamingo Cay. We did the 35 miles in 5 hours and saw speeds over 9 from time to time. So all is well we all are anchored in "Two Palms Bay", a small bay with two palms on the beach, thus the name 


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