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Home Again

05 July 2009 | Bohicket Marina
Bohicket Marina, SC
Well it has been awhile since updates, but we have just been busy!!!
After the usual things done in Nassau we did in deed head for the Berrys. Hoffmans Cay was the destination for S/V Kokopelli and us. It was a bit windy and rolly going across the tongue of the ocean, but just made for a quick ride. We went in the cut at Little Harbor and headed up for Hoffmans.
It is such a nice anchorage there. It has always kinda amazed me why more people don't use this spot. We had it all to ourselves, (Kokopelli and us). We climbed the hill to the "Blue Hole" and jumped off the cliff a number of times and actually remembered to bring mask and fins. It is a really good time snorkel the hole.
The weather turned a bit nasty and pinned us down, with the only movement being in the lee of the islands. So we moved from island to island with trips to "Flo's Conch Bar" for the occasional beer and dinner. Chester is a GREAT host, and really does have some of, if not the best, cracked conch in the Bahamas. And $3.00 Kaliks, so I would definitely recommend a stop there!!!
After a week or so, the weather broke and we headed for, Great Stirrup. We anchored under the lighthouse and did the usual stroll on the island and satellite tracking station. Then headed around the north end and headed for Great Harbor for an overnight stay.
The next day we headed for Cat Cay south of Bimini. It was a LONG day of motoring across the windless banks!!!
Gulf Stream Crossing
Well this is where we had to separate from our dear friends on "S/V Kokopelli" as they were headed for the Fl. Keys and we are headed north. Our destination was Lake Worth/ Port of Palm Beach. Other than the usual afternoon thunderstorms it was a routine crossing, with us coming into the port around 1700 hrs. The only exciting thing was when I decided to try some buttons on the VHF and ended up getting a call from the Coast Guard concerning our safety. I am not allowed to push any buttons on the radio, with out prior approval from the "Admiral" after that little incident!!!!!!!
We had a great visit with our family in Jupiter, and then continued up the ICW north. The only two events worth mentioning were when we ALMOST got struck by lightning, Close enough to get a metallic taste in our mouths, the second was when we encountered a nuclear sub coming in St. Mary's and passing us. It was REALLY to see the orchestration of the tugs escorting her in and all the security around them, and due to proximity us!!!!!
SO we are back in the marina safe and sound and tending to things that need to be done and it is HOT
We were gone for approximately five months, with 5 weeks being spent in Ft. Lauderdale, and the rest in the islands. It was a really nice season with memories never to be forgotten. Our total mileage was 1932 nautical miles this year!!!!!!!!

Vessel Name: jusdreaming
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 37 Catamaran
Hailing Port: Stuart, Fl
Crew: Denny & Diane DeRanek
About: Admiral- Diane First Mate- Matilda
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Who: Denny & Diane DeRanek
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