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The Eighth Cruise of the Starship Kelly Rae - Boldly Going Where Lots of People Have Gone Before. But We Haven't - So it is a Great Adventure!

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St. George's Town, Bermuda

18 November 2012
Many magnificent vessels come and go in Bermuda this time of year, each on their way to their winter cruising grounds. There have been many that were larger and undoubtedly more costly than this one.

However, this Hinckley 70 is clearly a cut above almost all the others. From kayak eye level only a very small portion of the varnished bright work is visible. There is a vast amount of it. And, every bit of it is perfect. It is perfect in a way only possible by writing large checks regularly to a small army of varnish professionals. Still, that does not diminish the effort involved or the amazing results. Ten years old, she has had the same Captain and fastidious care for her entire life. It shows. The boat is simply beautiful.
Vessel Name: Kelly Rae
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft Crealock 34
Hailing Port: Grand Lake, Colorado
Crew: Rich Simpson
About: Cee Cee the Sailor Dog
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