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Koinonia Sailing
Vessel Name: Koinonia II
Vessel Make/Model: Hunter Marine 41DS
Hailing Port: Jacksonville, Florida
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05 May 2014
Well I guess it wasi bound to happen Koinonia II has found some new owners...
04 June 2013 | Jacksonville, Florida
Linda and I were planning to depart Nassau first thing Sunday morning June 2 with the option to spend the night in a Berry island anchorage or continue on to the West End of Grand Bahama island before crossing to Florida. However, the weather update Saturday morning showed a weather window that was [...]
17 May 2013 | Georgetown, Exumas, Bahamas
With Koinonia anchored off of Stocking island, one mile from the dinghy dock in Victoria Lake, Geoegetown, and the wind blowing 15 to 20 knots, I headed to the airport to meet Linda upon her arrival back to Koinonia after a month of shore leave!
15 May 2013 | Yuma, Arizona
Dear Friends,
09 May 2013 | Many islands
How many islands are there in the world? Of course, the answer would depend on your definition of an island, but one source estimates over 180,000 islands. Now I have seen many islands, but no where near that amount, however, I can believe that estimate!
20 April 2013
The Virgin Islands is a collection of islands owned by the US and the British. Additionally, there are also the Spanish Virgin Islands as part of the US territory of Puerto Rico. The Virgin Islands can be thought of as a string of islands that run east to west with the Sir Francis Drake channel running [...]
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