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Koinonia Sailing
Life in the Marina
01 May 2012 | Marina Dalmacija
Life in at the Marina

Marina Dalmacija is a very large marina which hosts several charter companies as well as numerous private boats. The marina is bustling with the sounds of boats being prepared for a new sailing season. The marina has several crane lifts which are used to haul boats in and out of the water. Several boats are being hauled out for painting. It is fascinating to see these large vessels being moved around the premises with these cranes.

We are looking forward to being in the water and beginning our sailing adventure. The list of readiness chores is being worked with the hopes we will have time to obtain parts if needed, before our launch date. The solar panels have been re-installed and checked out as operational after a fuse was replaced. The wind turbine has been reconnected and put back into service. We are currently connected to electric shore power to operate the lights, refrigerator, freezer, hot water heater, etc. We will disconnect the electric power today to test the renewable energy sources to ensure they are functioning to support the power demands of the boat's systems. Additionally, we will paint the bottom of the boat, put the head sail back on, make sure the anchor windlass works (powered anchor deploy and retrieval system). Some systems cannot be fully tested until we are in the water, such as the engine, generator, water maker, air conditioner, and heater. Each of these systems draw water from the outside of the boat, which is circulated to provide cooling during the operation of the systems. However, we can perform quick limited tests by directly connecting the the water hose directly to the system water in take hose after disconnecting it from the through hull, like the engine. As you can imagine, we need to be sure the engine starts before we launch the boat.

The rain has stopped, the wind has subsided and the sun is shining. Today's weather will make for a good work day.
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