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Our home is the world - with KOKOMO a Quasar 50 cruising catamaran around the world
Cookie monsters paradise
12/04/2009, Luperon/D.R.

The bakery is our favorite stop in Luperon.

Jedes Mal wenn wir in Luperon sind holen wir uns leckere Kekse und Broetchen.

A Dom.Rep. Christmas
11/30/2009, Puerto Plata

Christmas display in downtown Puerto Plata.

Dieses Weihnachtskrippe steht mitten in Puerto Plata vor der Kathedrale.

El Morro de San Felipe
11/30/2009, Puerto Plata

This fort is also known as El Morro de San Felipe. It was originally erected to protect the city of Puerto Plata from attacking pirates and corsairs. Its construction was commissioned by King Felipe II, of Spain, and it was completed in 1577 by Don Rengifo de Angulo, the fort's mayor. It is located on a hill at the "Puntilla Del Malecón," overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Das Fort "El Morro de San Felipe" am Hafeneingang von Puerto Plata wurde zum Schutz gegen Piraten errichtet. Es wurde 1577 fertig gestellt.

Puerto Plata port
11/30/2009, Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata harbor is crowded, dirty, and full of hassle.
Puerto Plata is the second oldest town in the D.R. with a several miles long Malecon.

Der Hafen von Puerto Plata ist voll mit Arbeitsbooten, schmutzig und kein guter Platz fuer Segler. Die Stadt ist die zweitaelteste in der Dom.Rep. und hat eine sehr lange und sehr schoene Uferpromenade.

Our planned route around the world
11/15/2009, Planet Earth

--------It's a good life--------
-------- Live slow ---------

I bought "Kokomo" in Grenada in 2007.
"Kokomo" carried some battle scars, but I was more than happy with my choice.

In June 2007 I set off on an open ended circumnavigation.
From Grenada I sailed "Kokomo" to Venezuela, ABC Islands, across the Caribbean Sea to Honduras and Guatemala. After the 2008 Hurricane season I took her north to Belize, Mexico to Florida, USA.
Next I sailed to the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos and to the Dominican Republic where I spent the Hurricane season of 2009.

From here we will follow the popular route:
French Polynesia
Cook Islands
New Zealand where we will spent one year.

After our break in New Zealand we will sail west ward to:
Sri Lanka
South Africa
Brazil and back to the Caribbean.

We do not have a time table for our circumnavigation.
We will follow the trade winds to cross the major oceans and we will stay out of the hurricane areas.
The object is to sail as easily and safely and warmly as possible, with a minimum of hardship and a maximum of pleasure.

11/01/2009, Luperon/Dom.Rep.

Luckily there was no body attached to the hand...

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