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02 January 2014 | Massachusetts, USA
14 March 2013 | Various Islands, San Blas, Panama
04 March 2013 | West Lemmon Cays, San Blas, Panama
25 February 2013 | Isla Tigre, San Blas, Panama
19 February 2013 | Myriadup, Narguargandup Cays, San Blas, Panama
16 February 2013 | Coco Bandero Cays, San Blas, Panama
16 February 2013 | Coco Bandero Cays, San Blas, Panama
15 February 2013 | Swimming Pool East Holandes Cays, San Blas, Panama
15 February 2013 | Swimming Pool East Holandes Cays, San Blas, Panama
11 February 2013 | Esnasdup, San Blas, Panama
13 January 2013 | Panamarina
28 December 2012 | Massachusetts, USA
07 June 2012 | Massachusetts, USA
26 May 2012 | Panamarina, Cacique, Panama
30 April 2012 | Nargana, San Blas, Panama
25 April 2012 | Central Holandes Lagoon, San Blas, Panama
16 April 2012 | West Lemmon Cays, San Blas, Panama
09 April 2012 | West Lemmon Cays, San Blas, Panama
07 April 2012 | Swimming Pool Anchorage, San Blas, Panama
29 March 2012 | Central Holandes, San Blas, Panama

Wild Ulu Drivers Break Things!

30 April 2012 | Nargana, San Blas, Panama
We took a 2 hour sail southeast to Nargana to get some diesel fuel for ourselves and another boat that was heading west. We offered to ferry the 20 gallons of fuel back to our friends who are dealing with trying to figure out what to do with the 3 boats here in the San Blas that belong to their husband/brother who died earlier this year of a heart attack. Since they were overwhelmed with all of the chores associated with figuring out what to do with these boats, we made the run to get fuel so they could stay put. We needed 50 gallons of diesel ourselves anyway. We left early and arrived in Nargana about 9:30. I called Paco while underway--he's the guy who organizes the fuel and filters it through an old t-shirt into jugs--to alert him to our arrival and our need for 70 gallons of fuel. Upon arrival, we launched the dinghy and went in with jugs for the 20 gallons for our friends. They needed 1/2 hour more to fill those, so we went off into town for a few provisions at the local tiendas. We got bread, flour, milk, garlic, Tang, and some canned meat. Our breakfast was delicious cheese empanadas for 25 cents each. We met Frederico in town--another Kuna facilitator, who stayed with us and came to help deliver the fuel to the boat. Paco's helper drove the ulu with the fuel and we returned in the dinghy. When pulling alongside Kokopelli, the ulu driver slammed it into forward (rather than reverse) at about a 90 degree angle instead of sidling up alongside. YIKES! There was nothing to be done as the large wooden prow of the ulu smashed through the port hole window on the starboard side. The loud CRRAAAAAAAAAAAACK was deafening in the still anchorage. Ugh! The good news was it was only the port hole and not a huge hole in the fiberglass on the side of the boat. Luckily, with some trusty duct tape, I made a quick repair that held the window together for the trip back up to the Holandes Cays and, since the seas were light, we didn't take any water into the boat. Now we have to figure out how to fix this...all the spare lexan we have is either too thin or too thick. Wish we had some of that magic lexan glue that melts the surfaces and fuses them together!
Vessel Name: Kokopelli
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 37 Catamaran
Hailing Port: Savannah, Georgia
Crew: Liz & Alan Johnson
Liz & Alan began cruising aboard a Southern Cross 31, Ragman, in 2000. They took her down the Tennessee River and cruised Florida, the Bahamas, and the east coast of the USA for 4 years before going back to work. [...]
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Who: Liz & Alan Johnson
Port: Savannah, Georgia