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Kokopelli's Travels
Lagoon 37 catamaran--liveaboard cruising
Ready to Depart for San Blas
01/28/2011, Colon, Panama

After 2 weeks of hard work--both on the hard and once in the water, we are ready to depart for Kuna Yala--also known as the San Blas islands. Being superstitious, we didn't want to begin a voyage on a Friday in accordance with ancient maritime traditions--so we hope the weather holds to depart tomorrow.
Our first stop will be Portobello, along the Panamanian coast, enroute to our checkin in Porvenir. The San Blas are also part of Panama, but are run autonmously by a native tribe--the Kuna. With hundreds of islands to explore, we are looking forward to the next adventure.

Arrived in Panama
01/19/2011, Colon

Finally arrived in Panama on Sunday and have been working like mad in the boat yard! The guys who were supposed to sand and paint the bottom were not available, so we have been doing the work ourselves. It's hard, dirty work laying on the sand and mud to get up under the hulls to get things sanded! Weather here is hot (high 80s) and humid. Makes for a pleasant day with sweat dripping off your nose in the sun as we try to get Kokopelli ready to get back in the water. Transmissions are in, many things stowed, some new fans installed--and now, the bottom! We hope to splash back in on Monday, but I'm glad I have a big bottle of Aleve!

Not in Panama
01/11/2011, Fort Lauderdale

We are not in Panama :(. We drove to Atlanta from Tennessee on Sunday to be sure we wouldn't miss our flight on Monday. It began snowing at 8 PM and snowed about 1 inch per hour or more for several hours. Then it switched to freezing rain. Since Atlanta doesn't plow, the roads became packed snow and then, with the freezing rain, about a 4" coating of ice. It was unbelievable!
So, we took the rental car to the airport in an amazing ride (Alan drove and we had no issues, but other cars and jack-knifed semi's were all over the road) to arrive about 10:30 a.m. for our 6:45PM flight. Well, long, long, long story short, we hung around all day. Our 6:45 pm said "on time" all day as conditions deteriorated and pretty much all other flights were canceled. Spirit's 10:05 a.m. flight was still there and didn't leave until after 4PM, but they wouldn't put us on it.
Eventually, we got on board at c. 9PM and then eventually went to the deicing queue. No joy--Spirit doesn't have their own de-icing equipment and Delta decided to do their own planes leaving on international flights
first. So, back to the gate we went after being on the tarmac for c. 2 hours. We ended up doing that drill twice before they finally canceled the flight at 3 a.m. SO...we then proceeded to "sleep" in the airport until our scheduled 7 a.m. flight. HA!
That flight was touch-and-go all day until we finally left at 3PM in a miracle. It had been flurrying off and on.
No more de-icing fluid at the airport. No trucks could make it in to deliver more. So we waited. And waited.
Finally, it warmed up to 33 degrees for a couple of hours and they decided to give it a whirl. We were all crossing fingers, toes, eyes, etc.--what a crowd!
Whoops of joy filled the air when we lifted off. Ah, the joys of being in Ft. Lauderdale where we now get to wait here until the next available flight to Panama--which is on Saturday at 11:30PM arriving Panama on Sunday at 2:21 a.m. At least there's less risk of snow here!! And...there is sunshine, warm weather, and our cruising friends on Jus'Dreaming here. We'll stay with them aboard their boat until then.

01/11/2011 | Nancy Maynard
Glad you made it to Florida. It's been brutal here. Save travels. Let us hear from you when you're able. Love you guys.
01/16/2011 | Nathan
Great adventures even before you've left the country. Be safe!
I'll be watching your blog.
01/24/2011 | Traveller
My wife and I were on the last Delta flight to Dertoit Sunday night and it was an hour late.

Friends of ours headed to Chicago didn't get out for a couple days.
Return to Panama
01/02/2011, Massachusetts, USA

Happy 2011 everyone! We spent the holidays with my folks in New England and will be heading back to Panama on 10 January to Kokopelli at Shelter Bay Marina.
After a bottom job, we'll be on our way to the San Blas Islands. Looking forward to some new adventures in this area. We hope to be able to update the blog via email this year which will allow us to keep everyone updated on what's happening out there.

Finally in Panama
06/05/2010, Colon, Panama

It's been a difficult "internet" year for us as most connections would not hold long enough for us to update the blog while underway this year. I'll be updating over the next few weeks with information on our travels since we left Apollo Beach, Florida on January 3rd, travelling thru the Bahamas and eventually on to Isla Providencia (a Colombian island off the coast of Nicaragua) and finally here to Colon, Panama (on the Caribbean side of Panama near the first lock (Gatun) of the Panama Canal).
It has been a great cruising season with the first half spent in the Bahamas with most of our "old" cruising buddies followed by longer passages since April to venture further down into the Caribbean--meeting lots of new friends and learning more about Kokopelli and ourselves in the longer passages and heavier weather.
We plan to leave Kokopelli here in Panama for several months while we travel back to the USA to visit family and friends before returning for the winter in the San Blas Islands of Panama.

06/17/2010 | Traveller
Glad to hear y'all are all right.

Fair Winds!
Experiencing Shoaling
05/31/2009, Cowpens, Plantation Cay

We took our friends, Don & Mary of Solace, and their two granddaughters out for a day aboard Kokopelli. On the way out to the anchorage, Don and Alan were navigating and we "experienced shoaling". This is the first time we ran aground with Kokopelli!!! It was an experience to remember and we had to dinghy back to Don & Mary's marina to get their son's big power boat with 300HP outboards to pull Kokopelli back into deeper water. Whew!
We anchored out in the Cowpens area and went swimming. The gang enjoyed jumping off of Kokopelli's decks into the warm water and having water and mud fights. We enjoyed a marvelous day without the normal thunderstorm activity. Lunch was a picnic with sub sandwiches, potato salad, chips, and chocolate-cherry cake with whipped cream for dessert. WOW! It's great to be back in the USA and enjoy all of this food that's been part of our "food fantasies" over the last few months.

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