Voyages of Liberte
Fighting the mighty first fish

How many sailors does it take to land a yellowfin?

Marina Puerto Los Cabos

Big day for Liberte today - many boat projects accomplished. We're at Marina Puerto Los Cabos, Extremely helpful staff and management, and a welcome stop along our route. Today Liberte got a proper cleanup inside and out, including a good freshwater boat bath - the Mistress likes that. Thanks to Scott for the spit and shine! The marina has mostly fishing boats, but we've made friends with a couple fellow cruisers, including our next door neighbor, Eric on his Cal 33 'Secret Agent Man.' He's a young guy who is singlehanding down from Seattle, bound for Australia. Great boat name! He came over for dinner and played his carbon fiber guitar. He told us some good stories of his trip down, including catching a small white shark on his fishing tackle, then wondering how the heck to get his favorite lure back. (Eventually the shark shook loose). Other cruisers we met today are Wytie and Sally on 'Reality Check,' an Island Packet 42.

And a very happy birthday to Ginjer, who turned 25 yesterday enroute here. We had a splendid birthday sail, which turned into a raging Norther on the nose. Hey, when cruising, why not just turn the boat downwind and turn up the music?! Who's in a hurry to get anywhere? That's how we found ourselves in this fortuitous place. Even better when great friends Tom and Patty called to say 'we're here!' AWESOME! Wow guys, what a great lunch at Tropicana, and then some serious power shopping at Mega store. Rebecca's eyes definitely lit up when she saw the wonderous goods available in many shiny displays. Provisioning - SORTED. Again, the marina staff was very helpful in getting our groceries back to the boat.

Sammy the boat dog has found a routine which involves sleeping in, then going ashore in the kayak for a morning beach run, then returning for treats, maybe a nap or bark at the dolphins, some sailing, then another nap and explore a new island. In between is a lot of scratching on the ears from the crew. She is a big proponent of this routine.

Okay, so tomorrow, the Norther should be light and we'll leave early to get some north progress to Los Frailles and Calbo Pulmo Marine Park, the last living hard coral reef in west North America. Heading in the general direction of La Paz, but not in too big a hurry, of course.

The boat is filled with amazing flavors and smells from the fresh produce on board. Off we go.

Passage south complete

A quick note to let you know we've arrived in Los Cabos, after a fantastic passage down the wild West side of the Baja. Great weather and good times, including some great downwind sailing for a few of the days. A lot of firsts along the way, including first warm water fish landed on Liberte, a yellowtail tuna. Thanks to Bill and Marie for the fishing gear. Good eating with ceviche and fish tacos. Me gusta! Now we slow it down and go into cruising mode, to see what island anchorages lie in store in the Sea of Cortez. More to follow...

11/16/2009 | yak
Happy Birthday Ginjur, and crew. Way to celebrate the trip. have a great trip up the Baja to La Paz. Cracker
11/16/2009 | Tom Berndt
Hola marineros,

We are in Marbella Suites in Los Cabos until Wednesday the 18th would love to wave to you from the beach. We may try to call. Do love the sun.


Tom and Patty
11/17/2009 | Warren&Debbie
Congratulations on sailing and fishing. Just talked to Ashley new baby is home and fine. Everybody says hi. Miss u lots
11/17/2009 | Rick Hintz
Happy Thanksgiving down there!
Turtle Bay

Liberte has gained a few degrees south, and a lot of degrees in heat. Bueno! Off come the foulies from two overnight watches, and on go the shorts and flip flops. We´ve just arrived in Turtle Bay, having logged nearly 300 miles from Ensenada in the past 43 hours. Sammy the sailing dog´s first big passage and she did great. Weather is absolutely spot on, and sea life is all around us. We took on fuel today transferred from panga, and ate a Rebecca made breakfast with real corn tortillas in the cockpit enjoying the sunshine. In this little fishing village, we feel we´ve truly arrived in Mexico. Sweet.

11/09/2009 | big Yak
Great going guys. I've been watching the weather. Plan on getting even hotter. Yea.
Now off to your next stop. Have fun. Cracker
11/10/2009 | yak
morning, 11/10/09 Clear skies, high pressure tothe north, winds building to 15 from the north. good down wind sail today. cracker
11/11/2009 | Rick Hintz
Sounds outstanding!
11/11/2009 | yak_sailin
Smooth sailing for ya! Hope the girls and barbie are taking charge of the boat! Enjoy some taco for me!
11/12/2009 | David and Vernice
Love your pictures and reports! Did you get our email? Looking forward to joining you in February but couldn't locate your calendar this week (saw it earlier). Wishing you smooth sailing and many Happy Hours!
11/12/2009 | David and Vernice
Found the calendar! Would you like some company in mid-February (7-17)? We're very flexible in time. Let us know when and where so we can arrange a flight!
11/13/2009 | Captain Tim
Way to go, guys! You're definitely going the right direction (where the weather suits your clothes!) It's getting chilly here, with snow in the forecast today. Thanks for sharing the stories and pics.
11/14/2009 | Mindy
looking forward to hearing more about the voyage and seeing pics-hope you're all having fun
11/15/2009 | Vicki
Beautiful! I can feel the warmth from here, oh wait, thats the fire place. :)
Thinking of you both + doggie.
The crew

Our crew from Ensenada to La Paz: Rebecca, Samantha the "perrita" sailing dog, Scout, Ginjer with a J, and El Capitan with Bluewater Barbie.

11/09/2009 | Big Yak
Hey guys, great sailing. Didn't see the spinnaker on the deck, What too chicken to set it. Look at what you'll be missing, ski season starts in 21 days. Cracker
12/08/2011 | James
Your sailboat left it's mooring in Panama City. It is tied to the dock and I am checking lines and fenders morning and evening. Please contact me at ++507.6381.8425 and tell me what you would like to have done.
The yacht

Please note the new 'Liberteeny' dinghy on the foredeck, very smart, as well as the 'Scottimini' bimini and of course, the mighty Solar Stik. And a fine, fine crew.

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