Voyages of Liberte
La Paz

WOW. Double wow. We are hanging out on the waterfront at La Paz. We spent last night in Bahia San Gabriel, where we hung out with nobody but the frigate birds, dolphins and pelicanos. These have been our constant companions since leaving the bright lights of Cabo San Lucas. We really are - thank you Gartly - where the wild things are. We had a truly incredible anchorage at Los Frailles, where we hiked to the top of a mountain through the volcanic rocks and cactus, then kayaked with a clan of sea lions the next morning. We had a sendoff from an osprey who perched atop the mast, and wondered if he'd come down from his summer home in Coeur d'Alene. The dolphins spent a good half hour spinning and doing flips off the bow as we passed Los Muertos. Tomorrow we lose two crew, Scottie and Ginjer, who it's hard to imagine life without - but we'll try to manage with just the two of us lovebirds... and the true Charter Guest, the dogface. Que te vaya bien. Thanks for the waypoints in the Sea, Gartly. If we ever find a way to leave La Paz, we'll see what there is to see...

11/23/2009 | yak
Great going , you're going to love the Sea. Winter is coming so don't stay up north too long. Ginjur, see you in PV. Dad
11/24/2009 | ron toews
thanks for the lead to your blog, i've been enjoying it immensely! some people actually figure out how to LIVE. KUDOS to you guys!
best to you, ron
Stop and smell the flowers

It's November and the blooms are out for our morning walk around the marina.

11/18/2009 | yak
OK you guys, quit fooling around and get up the coast. That looks way too fun.
11/18/2009 | Warren&Debbie
Two beauties. Great pics
Bahia Santa Maria

Big, wild, beautiful.

A dog's view of the Baja

Samantha watches the wild Pacific Baja coastline go by.

Always hold the fish close to the camera

A healthy little Dorado comes aboard enroute to Bahia Santa Maria.

11/19/2009 | Vicki
that looks YUMMY!
At Ramona's

After a surf landing in the little village of San Juanico, we found this little place where Ramona runs a restaurant in her home. We sat at what was the family's living room/dining room table, watched Mexican soap operas and were entertained by her friend Manuel, who was muy buracho in the corner. What a place, and what a great evening 'on the town.'

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