Voyages of Liberte
Where's the sun?

I know we won't get much sympathy from up North, but Rebecca's concerned her tan might be fading. Some tropical something is moving through with a bit of rain, and a couple days ago, a lot of rain and lighting Other than the unseasonal weather disturbance, the living is easy. We've got great wireless at The Sands Hotel, some nice 'neighbors' in the Lagoon, and just enough boat and town projects to stay busy. My brother John and his friends arrive today by air, land and sea, i.e. plane, bus and water taxi. Then Kerry and Jane join us, followed by David and Vernice. Looks like this beach town will be home until mid-February. We like it here.

Barra Big Tree

You know you've found a fun town when the directions all start with "From the Big Tree."

01/09/2010 | Mom
What a great tree! Looks like a delightful place! Am enjoying your photos. Love, Mom
Beach Babes

Both Rebecca and Sammy manage to attract their fair share of attention on the beach at Barra.

01/09/2010 | Mom
Both are looking good!
Tie 'er off to a palm tree

The 'dinghy dock' at The Sands Hotel, stern anchor deployed.

Life in the Lagoon

The "Lagooners" are enjoying life on the hook without anywhere to be. Hey, anyone have any ideas how to chase off the frigate bird that keeps landing on top of the mast? It might be the hot topic on the morning VHF cruisers net.

01/03/2010 | Scout
You must be cruising Dave, your posts are shorter and shorter. I hope you two are having fun down there. I miss it down there. Have fun and hopefully I'll run into you in March
01/03/2010 | Margo and Frank
I've seen garden rakes tied to the top of the mast in long as you're planning on staying on the hook for awhile:)
01/05/2010 | Tom
Send Barbie up the mast with her whip.
01/12/2010 | Warren&Debbie
So heartening to see that you're sticking with a so difficult New Years resolution. And so sad that you had a day of rain. Wet and raining here but warmer, like in the 40's. Happy sailing great pics and blog.
Experts Only

Here's a sign in Barra de Navidad. We figure this is where Rebecca should get her next massage.

01/03/2010 | Mom
This is great! :)

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