Voyages of Liberte
Sunshine returns

Rebecca says, That's more like it.

01/15/2010 | Jo An Nelson
What a wonderful life! Miss you.
01/22/2010 | Kerry Koerner
All I know is that will be me in a few days! Tacos and Tequila and sun is all I need!
Beach Day

The sun is back in Barra de Navidad. We spent the afternoon on the beach at Marlena┬┤s Restaurant, with our toes in the sand under the big umbrella about a dozen steps away from the ocean. Thanks for lunch, brother John and guests Lily and Keith. Sammy chased a coconut into the surf and generally caused trouble while we ate, read books and celebrated the return of the nice weather. Tomorrow we depart for Tenecatita Bay for a few days.

01/10/2010 | Ginjer
Enjoy tenacatita! That is my favorite place south of vallarta! See you guys soon!
Where's the sun?

I know we won't get much sympathy from up North, but Rebecca's concerned her tan might be fading. Some tropical something is moving through with a bit of rain, and a couple days ago, a lot of rain and lighting Other than the unseasonal weather disturbance, the living is easy. We've got great wireless at The Sands Hotel, some nice 'neighbors' in the Lagoon, and just enough boat and town projects to stay busy. My brother John and his friends arrive today by air, land and sea, i.e. plane, bus and water taxi. Then Kerry and Jane join us, followed by David and Vernice. Looks like this beach town will be home until mid-February. We like it here.

Barra Big Tree

You know you've found a fun town when the directions all start with "From the Big Tree."

01/09/2010 | Mom
What a great tree! Looks like a delightful place! Am enjoying your photos. Love, Mom
Beach Babes

Both Rebecca and Sammy manage to attract their fair share of attention on the beach at Barra.

01/09/2010 | Mom
Both are looking good!
Tie 'er off to a palm tree

The 'dinghy dock' at The Sands Hotel, stern anchor deployed.

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