Voyages of Liberte

Rebecca heard them chattering away in a strange language, in their nightly tribal raid on the rubbish bins.

01/23/2010 | mark w
Looks like a mexican raccoon, what a fantastic shot!
Sometimes we dress up

A clean shirt, Rebecca's new Mexican dress, and a reception on the 6th floor of the Grand Bay Hotel, with Barra de Navidad and Melaque over our shoulders.

01/28/2010 | Case
Looking good guys, just found your site, cool!!!! The Lawhead clan wishes you safe sailing! Lis, Case, Juda, Roba & Alaka
Morning run

Great hills and cobblestone streets that lead to beaches and hilltop views, with no traffic, and best of all, no leash.

01/24/2010 | Suzie & Keith
Miss my little girl and her favorit boy... you two have been in my dreams, my prayers and always, my heart.
01/28/2010 | Case
Is that the white rabbit of Mexico?
Barra de Navidad lagoon

A beautiful anchorage, just check your tides and make sure you've got the proper waypoints for the channel. There's plenty of shoal water and no navigational marks - except maybe the red tile roof on the island.

How baby turtles are made

Wow, great photo, John. He reckons these are Olive Ridleys.

Running the Gold Coast Cruiser's Net

Capt. David hosts the world-famous Gold Coast Cruiser's Net on the VHF one morning.

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Who: David and Rebecca Kilmer
Port: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA
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