Voyages of Liberte
Fishin' dog

Sammy's super keen: She'd turn the reel if she had an opposable thumb.

02/17/2010 | Deaner
Nice set-up! Most important job for Sammy is to signal "FISH ON", and that can be completed minus opposable thumbs!
Sailing on land

Waypoints guide Liberte into the 'secret anchorage' near Barra, no matter what the electronic charts might say.

02/17/2010 | Deaner
Don't show Linda this one. We just built her confidence in the boat. Don't need to get her worried about the electronics.
Babe on the bow

Dolphin spotting from Liberte

02/20/2010 | Kerry
If I stared hard enough I know the dolphins would come to me and let me dive in after me.....will it...will it... will it..........
Three monkeys

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil

Las tres amigas

Kerry, Rebecca and Jane have an ISOLA massage + skin studio 'business meeting' somewhere off the Mexican coastline.

03/03/2010 | Judi Messina
This is such an awesome pix! You all look terrific! So glad you could experience this together!
Home at Isla Navidad

After sailing 3,000 miles in the past year to get here, we're slowing it down and soaking it all in. We've taken up residence at the Isla Navidad Resort, where Liberte rests on E Dock in front of the mission-style Grand Bay Hotel under the palm trees and shockingly blue skies. We've made some great friends, sailed on a magnificent yacht and hung out by one of the resort's three swimming pools just about every day. David's getting a lot of writing done, and on her morning walks Rebecca's found one of Sammy's favorite trails yet, leading to a 'Top 10' beach. The waterfront town of Barra de Navidad is a quick dinghy ride away. This feels like home until late February, when we head north to Banderas Bay in time for regatta season.

01/23/2010 | steve W
Looks like heaven. wish I were there. Thanks for the update
01/23/2010 | Wes Koenig
Wow! Dreams come true! Adventures Ahead! - Keep me in the loop! Wes
01/23/2010 | David VH Cohen
Wow, what an idyllic place!
01/24/2010 | Suzie & Keith
Miss you bunches. Glad you two are doing what makes you happy.
01/25/2010 | Michael Little
Hey Dave, Make your way to Tortola and we will meet you there the first week in April. Another must see for sailing is the Greek Islands. It was a fantastic trip last year. Later, Mike
01/25/2010 | Pete Chase
As I look at these pics, it is snowing out and I'm writing Russian poetry while downing cheap vodka. I'll straighten out by the time Amy gets me on the boat. I'm hoping that Dave will sweep the coatamundis off of me while I tan. Can't wait to see you guys. P&A
01/25/2010 | Sholeh
Few live a dream like this, even if they have the means. Life well lived!
01/25/2010 | tim koerner
Glad to see you are having fun.
Will you let me know if my wife makes it down there?

01/25/2010 | Alison Karpenko
you're giving the rest of us something to dream about. thanks for sharing your stories.
01/25/2010 | Chrystal Young
Hey Liberte, save me a spot!!!
01/27/2010 | Jo Ann N
What a wonderful journey--wish we were there, too! K and J
01/28/2010 | Casey
Living the DREAM Bro!!!!!!!!
01/30/2010 | Warren&Debbie
I'm looking for some beachin massage therapist pics
02/06/2010 | Warren&Debbie
Everybody wishes you a Happy Anniversary!! Celebrate!!!!
02/15/2010 | Lisa and Caseman
Are you kidding me! At this moment, we are weighing a FedEx package containing Casey, Lis, Roba, Judah, and a mere 175 pound malamute. I think we can make it work...I have provisions for the journey to destination...Liberte! There are no words for the beauty in your photos. I can not believe the amount of time that has passed. We miss you all...and can not wait to see you soon.

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