Voyages of Liberte
Palm running

Rebecca makes a morning workout out of the cobblestones.

Fish market man

If the fishing's slow, here's the gentlemen to see.

The pool at Grand Bay

Our home away from home for a blissful month.

Fish on

Rebecca, Kerry and a beauty of a jack crevalle, the first fish caught on Rebecca's new birthday reel.

03/09/2010 | Deaner
Hey, Rebecca that's a great fish! Can't wait till you hit a sailfish!
Best beach search continues

We've found some mighty fine ones here on the Mexican Riviera: Here we're at the black sand beach at Tenecatita. Other winners are Good Dog Beach, Barra to Melaque beach, Rebecca's secret beach, the beach we do our yoga class on in the mornings, and pretty much anywhere our kayaks or the dinghy takes us. We've reached the farthest point south of Liberte's travels this season, and with a bit of a pout, but an eagerness to test the horizon, we're heading back north - but not TOO far north, just yet. The search goes on...

02/19/2010 | Deaner
Life's a beach! wahooooooo
02/19/2010 | David and Vernice
It's the best!!!
David and Vernice
03/03/2010 | Warren&Debbie
03/03/2010 | judi messina
Happy Birthday to my BFF! You made the CdA Press today in Kerri Thoreson's column! Miss you both so much! Only 18 days!
Valentine's at Grand Bay

On our way to a romantic 6-course dinner on the terrazza. You can see Liberte over Rebecca's left shoulder.

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