Voyages of Liberte
Surviving the croc

David takes the plunge through the crocodile's mouth at Paradise Village Hotel. There's also a crocodile that swims near our boat - not tempted to try this with the real thing, however.

Hoisting the fish kite

Pete and Amy brought Rebecca (and Liberte) a birthday gift - an awesome fish kite all the way from the Oregon coast. It's a fine addition to Liberte's rig that's gotten many compliments already.

03/10/2010 | Jo Ann
Love the pictures and the e-mail!! Anxious to see both of you!

J & K
Out on the town

Pete and Amy, thanks for dinner and your fine company at Riviera. Muy deliciouso.


You can never catch a Jack Russell, but you can try.

Rebecca beach

On the left is Rebecca on her morning swim; on the right are David and Vernice.

David and Vernice

Good hike to Rebecca's beach near Barra with some awesome guests. Thanks for a fun trip, guys!

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