Voyages of Liberte
Pete and Amy

Great friends, good times.

Friend of dog

Part of life on Liberte involves making Samantha "Charter Guest" as comfortable as possible. Thanks, Amy.

Shout Victor

A classic sign in the village of Yelapa. Well captured, Amy!

Surviving the croc

David takes the plunge through the crocodile's mouth at Paradise Village Hotel. There's also a crocodile that swims near our boat - not tempted to try this with the real thing, however.

Hoisting the fish kite

Pete and Amy brought Rebecca (and Liberte) a birthday gift - an awesome fish kite all the way from the Oregon coast. It's a fine addition to Liberte's rig that's gotten many compliments already.

03/10/2010 | Jo Ann
Love the pictures and the e-mail!! Anxious to see both of you!

J & K
Out on the town

Pete and Amy, thanks for dinner and your fine company at Riviera. Muy deliciouso.

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Who: David and Rebecca Kilmer
Port: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA
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