Voyages of Liberte
Boat dreams sometimes come true

This morning, I woke up dreaming that I had a boat in a warm place, and I could sail away with my dog and my girl. I woke up to early light on the water and realized that today, this dream was true. Today the boat goes in the water. Right through that window is the launch ramp where we go from being a land yacht to de real ting.


Here's some fancy clippin' on the hotel grounds. Reminds me of the documentary "A Man Named Pearl."

Spanish lessons

Rebecca and Sammy study Spanish by watching a Law and Order and CSI marathon in the hotel room. I'm happy to see Rebecca relaxing - she deserves it! Sammy... recovering from the effects of her doggie Valium on the airplane.

12/06/2010 | Scout!
Isn't Mexico supposed to be warm. Why are you wrapped up liked it's winter time?
Of Mark Twain and cutlass bearings

I have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened.
- Mark Twain

I'm with Capt. Clemons on this one. I've had more nightmares about cutlass bearings - reading the literature made them sound like you'd have to tear the boat apart to get 'em out or in. I know for a fact my friend Pete had to drop his rudder - and dig a big hole to do so. The online chatter was ominous. I sweated this thing no end.

Turns out like many things, it's not quite what you'd expect. And in the case of replacing Liberte's cutlass bearing, that's a good thing. Boom, off came the prop, bang, out came the old bearing, wham, in went the new one.
Thank you naval architects Berret-Racoupeau and Beneteau for that. For a boy who'd just like to get his boat in the water, it's nice to cross that one off the list.

Why replace it? 10 years on the original part, and a bit of play in the prop shaft. There was also some shimmy in reverse. New part was $33 and a quick bit of work in the boatyard.

Another day in "boat school" - escuala de barco.

We launch at high tide.

Your $500 boat

Here you go dreamers.... Cash in some air miles to San Carlos, claim your vessel, hoist a flag of your choosing and come buddy-boating with Liberte. What's the story behind this boat, you reckon?

Write and let me know.

01/11/2015 | Matus Pazicky
Hi, is this boat still available and what is this boat made of.
Bugs and body scanners
12/02/2010, San Carlos

Time for Rebecca and I to tear ourselves away from work, snowboarding, family (very difficult) and snow shoveling (not too difficult to leave that). It's time for Leg Two of Liberte's Bellingham-to-Cuba voyage to commence. We flew out between snowstorms from Spokane to Phoenix, and battled cold bugs and body scanners, passing de time with our own version of an in-flight movie, "Girl Who Played With Fire" on the iPad - note the splitter for his-and-hers audio.

Incredible dinner out with Manu Kai owners Tom and Debbie Davidson in Phoenix, then we woke each other up with miserable coughing at various times in the night at our little Best Western room (where they take dogs). Next morning we shuffled gear from one bag to another to "make weight" for our international flight to Guaymas, Mexico.

The landing was an abrupt descent over the mountains, but the landing was smooth and the air was warm when we walked down the airplane steps. Immigration and customs went without a sweat - David always gets the cold palms going up to the officials - as a little guy he and his family were stopped at customs in Turkey and "detained" for a few days. They did ask for dog papers and we were fortunate to have gotten Sammie's from Alpine Animal Hospital the day before leaving - regs say the dog must have a Health Certificate signed by a vet 48 hours earlier, plus be up on all the requisite vaccines.

It's good to have a familiar and comfortable place to wait out the disorientation that happens from whizzing at 600 mph to a strange land. For us in San Carlos, that place is Hotel Marinaterra, looking out at the twin peaks of Terrekawa, also known locally as Tetas de Cabras, or goat udders. We crashed here until "our souls caught up to our bodies" as the Austrialian aborigines used to put it.

Rebecca and Sammie are especially happy to be back in the southern sunshine. We're downshifting - and it feels good.

12/03/2010 | Scout!
I hope you two (well three) have another wonderful journey down in the wam lands! Thinking about good ol Liberte and hoping to hear about many good stories this round.
12/05/2010 | Deaner
Bievenidos a México otra vez mis amigos! We are not far behind you and will be thinking of you all during your travels.

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