Voyages of Liberte

Boulder-hopping up a desert canyon, you might find these.

Bahia Conception

We blew down from Santa Rosalia in a wild norther... and woke up to this.

Buddy boating

Crossing the Sea of Cortez? You'll want good weather - we had 2-3 foot seas, a close-reach to beam wind of 8-12 knots - an incredible shooting star show just before dawn, and an excellent "buddy boat," in our case, "Risk Taker," a Catalina 38. We crossed San Carlos to Santa Rosalia, 74 miles, in a bit more than 12 hours, and sailed most of the way. Bien viaje!

12/21/2010 | kerry
So I am not sure where to just say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you two so here you go. Hope all is good where you are and look forward to more pictures. Love you Kerry
Point of view

Interesting, how much our reality depends on where we're looking from. One week ago, our view faced the opposite way, where our hotel room was our refuge from the world beyond the balcony. Now, with Liberte launched and chores complete, our home is the boat, the hotel is simply a picturesque background, and we are going to point the bow out of the channel at 3 a.m. tomorrow to cross the Sea of Cortez. Cruising is a method of travel that frequently reminds us to be flexible with our plans, our routines and our minds themselves.

Sailing at 60 mph

Look at this setup... Lots of guys launching their trailer sailors in San Carlos. This is an S2 out of Taos, New Mexico, and I told the owner, Caleb, about the S2 that routinely beats the fleet on Lake Pend Oreille. He'd slept in the boat at night while he was towing 'er down.

Well provisioned

After a stop at Wal-Mart, one gigantic shopping cart later, we're loaded with groceries and ready to cruise. You know those people who always hold up the line ahead of you forever? We were those people.

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