Voyages of Liberte
Playa Bonanza

A desert hike across ancient seashells to a 2-mile stretch of perfectly untamed beach, in the company of great friends, equals a morning well spent. Thanks, Totten and Claire. Sure enjoyed your visit.

Caleta Partida

We spent several nights anchored in the protection of this volcanic crater on Isla Espiritu Santo, and bouldered our way up through a series of dry waterfalls in this desert canyon.

Peace and sunshine

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with love to all our friends and family from Liberte, in Honeymoon Cove, Isla Danzante, Baja Mexico.

12/26/2010 | Deaner
D, R,& S; Great photos and it sounds like you are livin the life. Met some crusers who had heard of Liberta, still kicking myself cuz I failed to catch their boat name. They have been out for four years now. R - Caught two pompanos today, ate them for breakfast. How's fishing? S - scratch, scratch. Take care! Dean and Linda
01/02/2011 | Jo Ann
Love all of the wonderful pictures and dialogue! Sure wish we were flying down this March as we did last year. It is cold and snowy in N. Idaho--bright sun today. Stay safe and have a wonderful journey. Hugs, Jo Ann
Deep thoughts at Playa Juncalito

We pulled into this bay near Puerto Escondido for refuge from a southerly, and just happened to catch a radio transmission that tonight was the full lunar eclipse. We watched it happen in perfectly clear skies with no lights around. The moon was right above our boat when it happened, and we lay on our backs in the cockpit and passed the binoculars back and forth.

Next morning I was looking up at the Sierra Giganticas thinking about giant rock walls and 400 years between eclipses - a place to feel that humans are ridiculously small and short-lived. Then I looked up on the beach and saw this group of young locals trying to catch rides on a skimboard behind a 4-wheeler driving down the beach.

There was a lot of laughing from the buddies as one guy after the other had these spectacular wipeouts. I realized that this is one of the incredible things about the human species - as small and weak as we are in the midst of all this, we keep trying new stuff. Here were these guys trying to take on the age-old laws of physics and natural order, in a way that would not make sense to most sensible birds and fish of that anchorage.

But look at what we can do! Right about then, one of the guys caught it just right and rode the length of the beach - his buddies' laughter turning into a mighty cheer.

And no, I did not paddle over to give it a go. I did, however, use my creative human brain to use the binoculars as a telephoto lens for my little camera to bring you this moment from the Sea of Cortez.

That perfect moment

Here is a sailor's dream. With the sails balanced, the boat is sailing herself upwind without autohelm in 8-10 knots of breeze and flat water. On this heading, there's a spot of sunshine on the foredeck for some lounging and reading. There's a volcanic island off the port bow. Pure bliss.

Cruiser's shrine

We recognized the names of several boats at this tree in Caleta San Juanico, where passing yachties leave their momentos. We found everything from a poem written on a pair of shorts to very elaborately made works of art. It reminded us of the boardwalk at Hot Springs Cove on Vancouver Island, where we left Liberte's name in one of the wooden planks.

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