Voyages of Liberte
Double massage

The chefs at Tapas del Mundos lucked out when Rebecca and Patty both gave them a quick break in the kitchen.

The explorers

Walking Isla Isabella in our finest safari wear... What a place.

Blue-footed booby

Isla Isabella belongs to the birds - we were lucky enough to pay them a visit.

Aye, tamales!

Makes for a great breakfast. The Cappy is fascinated by the little slip knot. Extra points for that, tamale lady!

Rebecca's new man

Rebecca loves the veggie man who drives up to the marina, especially on the days when his wife makes tamales.

Fog in Mazatlan

Wait a minute! The view out the hatch this morning looks like the Northwest. Where the heck are we again?!

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Who: David and Rebecca Kilmer
Port: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA
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