Voyages of Liberte
Yelapa, baby

Sunshine and the groovy vibe of this little town, where the hippies never left.

03/07/2011 | Deaner
Good to hear from you Captain! Sounds like everything is going well. We have been wishing we were down south with our many friends. Keep the posts comming and take care!
03/10/2011 | Kim & Jeff
What's the saying "I'd rather have a palapa in Yalapa than a Taco in Morrocco"
Can't wait to see you guys.
Bond, James Bond

Movie night on Liberte. We are working our way through the entire series of Bond movies - it's interesting to note the evolution of special effects and gadgets over the years. Speaking of gadgets, note the excellent high-tech sound system the captain has installed for the occasion. Co-captain looks pretty happy with some boat-made popcorn.

Tapas de Liberte

Rebecca took a cooking class and the boat smells amazing. Homemade salsa with roasted tomatoes, cerrano chilies, onion and garlic; fried olives; an incredible Caesar salad; garlic shrimp in new little Mexican ceramic pot. Although Sammie does not seem impressed here, it was indeed a big hit.


This heron on our dock looks like he's got a mouthful - not sure what the outcome was.

Circo de barco

The French couple on board La Loupiote puts on an acrobatic show set to music with their boat as the stage - it's how they're funding their travels about the planet.

Costco run

Sailors of old lived on hardtack and salt jerky, we are fortunate to sail in this age. We raided the Costco for all it was worth.

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