Voyages of Liberte
Fishing boats, La Cruz

Good view of the La Cruz fishing fleet as we paddle back from town.

Lasers at La Cruz

We're anchored out at La Cruz - something mighty fine about being on the hook. We both had vivid Technicolor dreams the first night as the boat pitched around in an unusually confused sea. That's worth the price of admission right there! And always the elusive search for that ONE THING that's making the knocking sound or the squeak. It always stops when you're sneaking up on it, then starts up again once you're back in your berth. Classic. Here are the Lasers going back after a day's clinic on the water - and another memorable Mexico sunset.

12/26/2011 | Amy Chase
Gorgeous! Love following the adventure thus far. Wonderful to 'see' you yesterday!
Barbie's back in Mexico

Bluewater Barbie seems happy to be back in the warm - and appropriately themed in her garb. There's some concern about her face which seems unnaturally yellow - I'm sure she's fine.

12/18/2011 | Tim Hoving
Glad to see Bluewater Barbie is still sailing. She had a few memorable trips on my cruises as well. As i remember, she was arrested on a cruise in Canada. Is she staying out of trouble in Mexico?
The good spot anchorage

You can count on Rebecca, as soon as the hook's down in nice water, to be over the side. She wasn't so sure this time - I scared her about the water temp - and she knows I like swimming in a glacial lake now and then. Once she got in, it was all smiles. This is our little cove for a day hook, a private resort just around the corner from Punta de Mita. It was all peace and quiet until a new guest set off a burglar alarm at one of the luxury homes on the cliff. That noise sounded like one of the alarms that go off when James Bond is discovered at the island lair. They shut it off finally and we went back to lounging.

12/16/2011 | gart
This looks like the beach where we went ashore and prowled around in an abandoned casita of some sort, iguanas lounging in the rubbe of broken walls, no one any where nearby. Just a little in from a great right-break over a shallow coral reef...
Banderas Bay

It wouldn't be an entrance to Banderas Bay without a ride-along welcome from some dolphins. Stand on the bow and watch 'em go - unbelievable that something can move like that. We round the headland. It's good to be back.

12/16/2011 | Case
Awesome, clear magic
Mazatlan to Punta de Mita

Departed Marina Mazatlan at first light for a 27-hour overnight passage to Punta de Mita. We are buddy boating with "Risk Taker," who we met and buddy boated with across the Sea of Cortez. Good boat, good people! And look at that Solar Stik. And that Manson anchor! Obviously excellent taste in gear. Rebecca recommended this photo of them and the full moon. Not much wind in route but calm sea state - and good conditions for a 2:30 a.m. engine belt change whilst underway. "That was record time," said Duane on "Risk Taker," and that's a compliment, because I know he's a bit of a wrench turner. By the way, I won't be telling this one on the VHF net - but long story short, we motored 168 miles with a bag taped on the prop. Boy, our fuel consumption and drive shaft vibration has improved immensely since I whacked it off with a knife offshore in Banderas Bay. Yeah, I'll be telling that one on myself for a while.

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