Voyages of Liberte
La Cruz grocery

Rebecca loves this store - and the tortillarilla across the street.

Why it rains

This is a Huichol artist's depiction of why it rains, and hey, I'd say it gives NOAA's official explanation a run for their money.

Octopus's Garden

Second breakfast of the day... lovely spot in La Cruz called The Octopus's Garden, operated by a French couple who came on a sailboat and stayed. Open air, big trees, resident iguanas, fresh roasted bean, Huichol art, and fantastic breakfast for 45 pesos (less than $3.50).

Seawall workout

A walk with the dog turns into a workout at the marina amphitheater. Sammy's shadow looks like a perfect cartoon dog.

01/18/2012 | Katie Shamberg
This is such a great pic -- Sammy the wonder doggie!!
El Salvador download

Bill and Jean, organizers of the El Salvador Rally, give us the lay of the land.

Fishing boats, La Cruz

Good view of the La Cruz fishing fleet as we paddle back from town.

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