Voyages of Liberte
Solar stereo

Got this little device at REI on the way out of town - and it gives unlimited tunes on the iPhone - as long as the sun is shining - which is just about every day.

Brekkie again

My third breakfast of the day - handed up to the helm whilst on a beam reach in flat seas and warm water across Banderas Bay. Yes I am a lucky man.

La Cruz grocery

Rebecca loves this store - and the tortillarilla across the street.

Why it rains

This is a Huichol artist's depiction of why it rains, and hey, I'd say it gives NOAA's official explanation a run for their money.

Octopus's Garden

Second breakfast of the day... lovely spot in La Cruz called The Octopus's Garden, operated by a French couple who came on a sailboat and stayed. Open air, big trees, resident iguanas, fresh roasted bean, Huichol art, and fantastic breakfast for 45 pesos (less than $3.50).

Seawall workout

A walk with the dog turns into a workout at the marina amphitheater. Sammy's shadow looks like a perfect cartoon dog.

01/18/2012 | Katie Shamberg
This is such a great pic -- Sammy the wonder doggie!!

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