Voyages of Liberte
Beach massage

Anything you need is on the beach in Sayulita, including this massage which Rebecca reports is first-rate.


Great surf town just up the road. Grab a beach chair, rent a couple boards, and stay for the day - or like some visitors, maybe a few years.

01/23/2012 | Deaner
Ah, Sayulita, we stayed there in 1997 just before it was really discovered. Great place, good food, great beach and the break isn't bad either.

Lisa and Casey, with their boys Judah and Roba, enjoy pancakes from Rebecca's galley. They flew into Puerto Vallarta to visit for 10 fun-filled days.

Casa Gilbert

Back in our favorite spot at Paradise Village - all the way in the cheap seats down dock E. Got our own showers, good dog walkin' spot, solitude, and the view of Casa Gilbert across the way. We're here for a month while visitors come and go.

01/02/2012 | Warren&Debbie
Finally found the blog. Hey to all. Still no snow here. Miss you. Looks wonderful down there.
Solar stereo

Got this little device at REI on the way out of town - and it gives unlimited tunes on the iPhone - as long as the sun is shining - which is just about every day.

Brekkie again

My third breakfast of the day - handed up to the helm whilst on a beam reach in flat seas and warm water across Banderas Bay. Yes I am a lucky man.

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