Voyages of Liberte
Dine 'n Dash

Liberte joined the Dine 'n Dash fun race with Karen and Bernard aboard as crew - good times guys!

Deck jewelry

Karen and Rebecca onboard for the Dine n' Dash sailing event.

Boogie boards

Once in a while Casey and I manage to steal the boards away from the young grommets long enough to take a spin.

Fine morning

Good friends Lisa and Casey, sunshine, love and laughter. All good things.

Beach massage

Anything you need is on the beach in Sayulita, including this massage which Rebecca reports is first-rate.


Great surf town just up the road. Grab a beach chair, rent a couple boards, and stay for the day - or like some visitors, maybe a few years.

01/23/2012 | Deaner
Ah, Sayulita, we stayed there in 1997 just before it was really discovered. Great place, good food, great beach and the break isn't bad either.

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Who: David and Rebecca Kilmer
Port: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA
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