Voyages of Liberte

Don't worry, she catches a lot bigger one soon.

02/18/2012 | Kerry
My venemous sea catfish, never been so scared of a fish before!!!
Swingin' again

And when Juan Pablo shows up with the part, and you're doing messing with boat projects, and you've said all the goodbyes and cut the umbilical cord to the dock, this is the reward. A blissful day on the hook in Tenacatita Bay watching the pelicans go by - and catching up with People magazine of course.

Do not overtighten

Some guy turned this dipstick just a tic too far - and look what happened. The fix was a new dipstick down from PacWest in San Diego, driven down by Juan Pablo the ship's agent, arranged by Mike of North Sails. To get the old plastic out, we heated a file blade over the stove, drove it into the plastic, waited 5 minutes, and it turned right out.

02/01/2012 | Dave
A very common occurance.
Blonde, brunette and redhead

Liberte benefits from the addition of "deck jewels" Jane and Kerry for the transit from Banderas Bay to Barra. And they even clean the boat!

02/01/2012 | Allan Smith
"Deck Jewells" Love it!
What a crew

The Isola boat babes - Rebecca, Kerry and Jane - hard at work while the captain "supervises."

02/18/2012 | Kerry
I love this picture!!! And I love being a boat babe...

Rebecca takes her new inflatable paddleboard (Costco!) through the croc-infested waters of the Casa Gilbert.

01/23/2012 | Kare
Oh to be so warm and well-balanced! Love the tropical green and sunshine.

Thanks for the new pictures!

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