Voyages of Liberte
Naomi on Medusa

Go small, go now, is what they say, and Naomi and her Columbia 23 "Medusa" are proof it works. She bought this boat for 2 grand in California, hauled it to the Sea of Cortez, and then sold the trailer for $600. She's probably invested 2 and a half more boat bucks in cruising gear. Her only regret was not having an autohelm of some kind - but bringing on crew like Ian here make the passages from one surf town to the next go by that much easier. She's out there doing it - so what's stopping you? Our 36-footer felt huge and yachtlike next door - but on the other hand - while I was tearing apart MY autohelm, Medusa sailed off her hook, past us, and around the bay during the afternoon thermals. Then they rowed ashore to play volley on the beach with the locals. Good life out here.

Barra to Caleta de Campos

Liberte is now on a mission to get south - and really, east! - to El Salvador, while sampling the goods along the way. Everything south of Manzanillo is all new territory. We waved goodbye to friends at Barra, and motored out the channel surrounded by small fish belly up - dead or dying. The dying ones were going in mad circles. Theories on their demise range from an earthquake unleashing methane gas to some sort of red tide. We didn't see this anywhere else. Although Santiago Bay is mighty tempting - just met a boat that spent 65 days there last season - we rolled on by, and then past Las Hadas, where we've had some really great days. For our next landfall we chose Caleta de Campos, based on a great description in the cruising guide - and the fact the swell was down. This place was awesome - turned out to be a great call. We shared the anchorage with just three other boats - and a local gringo motored out in his panga to ask where all these boats were coming from. Ha!

New toy

The new standup paddleboard sure is fun. When we're in transit it deflates to a daypack size 22 lbs. Made by Seylor - available at They haven't sponsored us yet but Sammy is available for promotional appearances.

02/08/2012 | Totten
Yeah Buddy!
02/19/2012 | John
Lookin' like a Californian, Bro.

Don't worry, she catches a lot bigger one soon.

02/18/2012 | Kerry
My venemous sea catfish, never been so scared of a fish before!!!
Swingin' again

And when Juan Pablo shows up with the part, and you're doing messing with boat projects, and you've said all the goodbyes and cut the umbilical cord to the dock, this is the reward. A blissful day on the hook in Tenacatita Bay watching the pelicans go by - and catching up with People magazine of course.

Do not overtighten

Some guy turned this dipstick just a tic too far - and look what happened. The fix was a new dipstick down from PacWest in San Diego, driven down by Juan Pablo the ship's agent, arranged by Mike of North Sails. To get the old plastic out, we heated a file blade over the stove, drove it into the plastic, waited 5 minutes, and it turned right out.

02/01/2012 | Dave
A very common occurance.

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