Voyages of Liberte
Marina Chahue dock

Very comfortable digs with 24 hour security and busty figureheads.

The neighbors

Good-looking Sunseeker 80 parked next to us in La India Bay, Bahias de Huatulco National Park.

Star Trek

At some point while the night watches come and go down the coast you realize this is really space travel - every young lad's dream. The instruments glow, the ship surges ahead, (the rebuilt autohelm making degrees with precision), galaxies fly by. You avoid the meteor clusters of rocks and land your craft on a new planet, where the light is strange and wonderful, where odd creatures crawl about - a new world of possibilities, "somewhere never traveled."

02/19/2012 | John
This is a great picture! Every lad's dream indeed....
02/20/2012 | case
Awesome Bro, beautiful pics. All who wonder are not lost.
02/20/2012 | Martin Krupitsky
I don't know a word that goes beyond gorgeous. Wow!
02/20/2012 | David and Vernice
Amazing photos and great commentary. Happy Anniversary! (and Happy Valentine's Day too). Love, David and Vernice
Autohelm fix

Big boat fix in Z-town, thanks to my new buddy Alan on "Beverly J." This is the level Raymarine shudders to think of - guys like me deep in the intricate workings of the autohelm. "The ST-4000 unit is not service-able in the field," says the manual. Well, get online and find a different manual, I say. Go ahead - pry it open with a flatblade. Have out the offending piece. And you bet let's re-manufacture it, using drill bits for pins, and be very gentle when you need to, and a bit rough when it's time. His Ocean Alexander trawler's got a perfect workbench setup, an inverter, and power tools. One of the most enjoyable mornings I have spent. And the feeling when you put the piece back right, and just for kicks turn the crazy thing on, and it goes right, and it goes left, and it goes straight? Well you can't get that feeling any other way.

02/19/2012 | Rick Hintz
Yeah, baby, THAT is rewarding!
02/20/2012 | Justin Scheller
No better feeling than fixing something and having it work. Travel safe my friend.
Pretty little fish

Ziiiiiiiiiinnnng goes the reel. The bright dorado hits the lure 10 minutes after it splashes down. He comes to the boat with a bit of coaxing. Thanks to the fish - thanks to the lure made for Rebecca by our new friend-for-life Steve - thanks to the sea. We let this one swim again.

02/19/2012 | John
Very cool fish--I'm glad you didn't eat him! :)
Acapulco anchorage

Local knowledge pays off - a secret set of GPS coordinates from our friends on "Cirque," the Beneteau 42s7 that passed this way not long ago. Keep nudging toward the beach until you're in 20 feet, and down goes the hook. A luxury resort on one side, the city of one million on the other, a Navy base with all kinds of intriguing craft and training maneuvers to watch. A "dog beach." Pool temperature off the back of the boat - pretty much perfect. For Valentine's Day, we retire to the "sunset deck" on the rail, and watch the lights come on in Acapulco. So why are we in such a hurry to get down the road?

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