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Sailing Again

25 July 2011 | Somers, Montana
Summertime in the Flathead
Looking Glass is finally a complete package. First off, I received my shrouds back from Fisheries in Seattle after three weeks waiting for them to be made. I took them off after bringing the boat up in the Trestle to Trestle race in the end of June. Now it's almost the end of July and the boat is back sailing again.
I also purchased a trailer a few weeks ago. It's a nice dual axle, 12,000lbs capacity trailer that I found on craigslist. While it sucked every last drop of money out of my account, I think it will be a good thing to have. Now I can move the boat when I choose, and store it where I choose, which hopefully will be the yacht club this winter. Now I just need to spend some time and fit the boat to the trailer and get all the pads right. Hopefully all goes well.
A few other things that have been added to Looking Glass.
There is now a voltmeter for the batteries. I attached it to the forward side of the aft settee seat. It has a light and reads 8-16 volts. Will be nice not have to tear apart the seat and hook up the handheld voltmeter to see how the batteries are doing. Not sure exactly how old they are but they are giant, and I don't have concerns about running low on juice.
I hooked up the water bladder that lives in the starboard side to the shore water pressure system. Now while i'm at the dock, I can refill the bladder with just a flip of a valve. No more bringing a hose into the boat. I also ran a new vhf cable through the boat and up to the mast, however I'm not really sure how to put on uhf connectors so I might have to revisit this. Still need to replace the mast end of cable too.
Vessel Name: Looking Glass
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft 25
Hailing Port: Seattle, WA
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Port: Seattle, WA