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06/07/2011, Plantation Island, Fiji

Eli, Mark's nephew, arrived two days ago and has been a huge help around the boat. Him and Mark have been working on various projects but so that we can get out to some of the outer islands but yesterday we took the day off of projects for some fun. Our friends Bret and Chad from Broken Compass came over and I (with some help from Mark) made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Then the four of us headed out to Plantation Island. Mark had asked some local fishermen where to go spearfishing and this was were they suggested. There was only about 1.5k of wind so we motored over. It took about an hour and a half to get there but it was a nice place when we arrived. The four boys piled into the dinghy and headed toward the reef while I sat on the boat did a little lunch prep (which ended up being dinner) and relaxed. Unfortunately the wind switched directions and picked up which made what looked like a nice calm area to anchor a little uncomfortable so I mostly laid down and watched a movie instead of quilting like I had planned on. The boys were gone for about an hour and a half and came back with three fish. Bret had gotten a good sized one and Chad and Mark each got a smaller colorful fish. Bret and Chad were rather impressed that Mark had gotten one on his first time out they couldn't remember anyone else they had taught to spearfish that had done that. Now Mark wants to get a spear gun so him and Eli can do some more over the next few weeks that Eli is here. I wasn't so happy about the anchorage getting rolly but it did mean that we were able to sail all the way back. When we got in Chad and Bret took the fish back to their boat and cleaned them up (I don't do seafood so they were helping me out by keeping the guts off our boat). I cooked up the Chicken stir-fry that I had prepped for lunch but decided that we would just eat it for dinner. The boys enjoyed their fish and now I'm worried Mark may want to do fish on our boat more often (yuck!).

Customs, Immigration, and a crazy guy in a dinghy in the dark
05/31/2011, Nadi, Fiji

Most countries have annoying customs procedures but Fiji is definitely at the top of the list. Basically every time we move the boat we have to check-out and check-in and it always takes at least a couple of hours if not the entire day to do so. As you can imagine this gets really old really fast. We checked out of Suva which took over 2 hours to do because they kept sending us back in forth between offices (it's funny how it is never anyones job to do this stuff). And for the second time we discovered that the customs guy at check-in hadn't given us all the paperwork we needed. Luckily he found it in his stacks-and-stacks-and-stacks of papers on his desk and hopefully we now have everything. We set sail on Sat night to do an overnight and came into Nadi on Sunday morning with a plan to check-in on Monday. We knew we needed to check-in to Lautoka but the customs guy in Suva told us we could just take a taxi from Nadi. Well that ended up being a royal pain. The taxi driver wanted to charge us on the meter from the Port into Nadi and then charge us $40 from Nadi to Lautoka. So it was going to cost us $80-100FJ to do the trip. So we got out of the cab and decided we would sail the boat the 12 miles up the coast to the customs. When we got there yesterday of course there were 4 guys just sitting around but none of them could help us we had to wait for the one guy who was helping another sailor check-in. We finally got the paperwork filled out and then they asked for our cruising permit for the outer islands. We were planning to go do that after checking-in but since we were also checking-out we apparently needed to magically have gotten the permit somewhere in the middle. So at 2:45 we set out to get the permit which made us really nervous because customs closes at 4 and we could tell this guy was not going to wait around for us to get back. We took a taxi to save time and of course he dropped us off at the wrong location. Mark and I divided to see if we could find anyone who knew where we needed to go. Someone told Mark to check the offices upstairs in the building and the woman I talked to told us to go down three buildings either option didn't seem great as they would take time to do but the woman I talked to seemed confident that was where we needed to go so we set out. The building did not look like it was going to be the place it was the commission of something building and had agriculture offices so we weren't optimistic. I reminded Mark that we both had our VHF radios so we could separate if needed. We entered an office that did not look promising (I can't remember what it was called but it wasn't something I'd think would be for us). Anyhow, somehow we were in the right place. Okay, now for me to quickly fill out the papers and get on our way...or not. This is the one and only office that takes all your information (passports, entry papers...) and enters the info into the computer. That's right we had to sit while this woman typed in all the info in agonizingly slow fashion. And when she was done she had to run off to make copies of everything (probably 20-30 pages). Oh lord how long was that going to take. Somehow we managed to make it back to customs in time and get everything done but we have definitely been in situations where we didn't make it so we were really happy especially because the anchorage we were in sucked and we wanted to move the boat somewhere better for the night.

We picked a nice anchorage just a little south of Lautoka and put ourselves right in the center of the bay positioned between the two reefs. We relax, cook dinner, lock-up the boat and settle in for a movie when we hear someone yelling outside. So we hurry up top as fast as we can unlocking the boat. A guy from the boat anchored behind us is in his dinghy. He has just seen the lights on our boat and is convinced we are on top of the reef. Of course we are freaked out and checking every GPS we have to make sure they all say the same thing. And they do we are right in the middle. We sure as heck weren't going to move the boat based on this guy who didn't even see our boat in daylight and thinks we might be on a reef but it is still unsettling and of course we make sure all our anchor alarms are set and that we watch our position closely until we go to sleep. Now that it is daylight we have checked and are positioned perfectly. Thank you crazy dude for freaking us out for no reason last night. Today we will hopefully head out to one of the outer islands

We made it to Fiji
05/30/2011, Nadi, Fiji

So sorry for the delay and thanks for the concern for us. We have indeed made it to Fiji it was a long and difficult passage. It took 10 days and the weather was totally against us but we fought through and arrived in Suva, Fiji last week. Unfortunately Cye missed his flights and had to reschedule them and didn't have a chance to see Fiji. I'm not sure we turned Cye into a sailor but he did survive the crossing. We spent last week in Suva. For some reason whenever we do a really long passage my eye seems to get really irritated and so we stayed in Suva this week so that I could see the Dr. and let it get back to normal again. I've completely stopped wearing contacts on passages so we aren't really sure what is causing the irritation. We thought it was just to many hours with my lens in but apparently not. Anyhow, I'm all healed again and ready to see some of Fiji. At least Suva had a nice private hospital with good Drs. Much better than I expected. The town was nice but definitely not the tropical paradise that most people dream of. On Saturday we headed out for an overnight around to the west coast of the island to Nadi. We were supposed to pick up Mark's nephew Eli but when we got in we got an e-mail that he is having a bit of a passport issue so hopefully that will be all settled this week and he will join us next week. We are really looking forward to him getting here. In the meantime, Mark and I pulled into Port near Nadi. We were pleasantly surprised when we took the dinghy in and found a really nice restaurant and shopping area. A perfect place to celebrate our 1st anniversary. Yep we were married Memorial Day Weekend last year. I was craving some good italian food and low-and-behold when we walked into the restaurant we ran into two of our favorite sailors Dave and Mary Margaret from LeuCat. It also happened to be Dave's birthday so we got to celebrate our anniversary and Dave's birthday over a nice italian dinner and tonight we stopped by their boat for some birthday cake.

Basically that's the update. Hopefully we will have lots to write about in the coming weeks and I will try to be on top of it now that we are back to land and done with that crappy passage. Please no more long hard sails like that!


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