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S/V Passage - Refitting a Classic (& Building Our Skills) Before Cutting the Docklines
We are working toward our dream, one step at a time, and are prepared to make mistakes and learn from them so we become better cruisers every day.
Brodi / Winter is Upon Us...
09 November 2011 | Chicago, IL
Motivation. That one little word has so much "baggage" associate with it, but in my mind truly defines the doers from the dreamers. Ever since Daylight Saving Time ended over the weekend I've struggled to maintain my level of motivation. Between the sun going down around 4:30pm, the rain, and the COLD weather setting in...the motivation to stay inside and warm is easily overcoming the motivation to run down to Passage after work.

As you can see from the photo in this post, we've been busy "talking" about boat stuff...David has even been designing slogans for our boating 'gear' next summer...but actual boatwork and boat visits have not been frequent. We did make it down there briefly on Sunday afternoon, but the door hadn't been installed on the shrinkwrap yet. We briefly thought about cutting a slit into the wrap, but then realized that the stuff we needed to get off the boat probably wouldn't fit until the door goes on. So we headed home with a rainy day at the boat rather wasted. With how crazy stuff has been outside of boatwork, it was kind of nice to have a lazy day.

But as I think about all the projects we still need to work on, knowing we could have done work and didn't starts to worry me. Now I wonder if we can get even half or most of our to-do list done before we launch in a few months. The cold wuss in me wonders if perhaps we should take the holidays off and start fresh after the new year...but the determined part of me knows that all we need to do to get through the winter is a space heater from Home Depot. The question now is which part of me is more motivated? It's suppose to be in the 50s and cloudy this weekend, so in the short term it'll be the latter.

I have big plans to finally get all the cushions off the boat to recover them. As many readers who've been on our boat this summer know well, poor David has a thing about spiders so I need to clean all foam (lavender is also a natural spider deterrent) before starting to recover any of it. At least I'll have lots to do after work so I won't feel as guilty about not going down to the boatyard after work during the week! If we're really on top of things, maybe we'll start stripping varnish off the interior woodwork...if at least one visit to Home Depot actually happens, then we'll be on our way to productivity...keep your fingers crossed!