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Pegasus - UK to Australia

Who: Sally and Hamish
Port: Lymington, UK
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The first post
Author: Hamish
01/01/2010, London, UK

This first post is a little explanation as to what it's all about.

Having been inspired by an American couple, Seth and Elizabeth, who bought a boat and sailed from America to Australia for their honeymoon, Sally and I decided to do something similar. After living in the UK for over 9 years, we have decided to move back to Australia and thought we would take the long way home, by buying a yacht and sailing from England to Australia via the Panama Canal.

This blog will chart our progress, our highs and lows, the places we go and the people we meet, a record of our adventure and hopefully some inspiration for others to start their adventure, no matter what it is.

So have a look at our profile to find out a little more and come back regularly to check our progress as we set sail!

If you have a chance, check out Seth and Elizabeth's blog, it really is amazing.

Author: Sally

July gave us the chance to go out for a few days and have somewhat of a shakedown down sail, testing certain things and measuring the fuel consumption at different revs.
As it turns out we can get the following:
2500rpm average 8.2knots and use 7 litres of diesel
2000rpm average 7 knots and use 3.8 litres of diesel
The extra knots costs too much!

It also confirmed the fact that we needed to replace the house batteries as the current ones were not holding their charge, so we have installed 3 new house batteries and also the starter battery to be sure we won't be caught out.
It was also the month we moved out of our house in London and onto the boat in Lymington. We used Anglo Pacific for this and I found them to be most helpful and courteous. It turns out we sent 90 boxes back to Australia with a total amount of 400 cubic feet, filling the small van they brought to the brim! We also had several trips to the local charity shop and refuse and still ended up bringing two full carloads with us onto the boat, to try and find a new home for.

Spending the week on the boat, gave me a chance to plan some of the provisioning for the first couple of weeks, and as we will have crew with us, I thought it would be a good idea to ( of course) start a spreadsheet with a list of all our stock and then plan out a weeks worth of menus and ingredients and start the shopping list from there. So far it seems to be working out OK, and we haven't gone hungry yet..

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