05 July 2010 | Plymouth (on the West side of the Atlantic)
27 June 2010 | Atlantic Ocean
25 June 2010 | Bristol
24 June 2010 | Bristol
23 June 2010 | Middletown RI
22 June 2010 | Bristol Marine
15 June 2010 | London
21 April 2010 | Bristol Marine
05 July 2009 | 41.17.07'N : 070.05.35' W
04 July 2009 | 40.04.42'N : 071.47.84' W
19 June 2009 | 40.12.07'N : 072.10 'W
19 June 2009 | 40.25.11'N : 074.01.57
19 June 2009 | 51.39'N : 000.0'W
19 June 2009 | 40 25.07'N 74 01.5'W

In Bristol and it's hotter than a pistol!

21 June 2010
Having burgers and wings at Aidan's in Bristol. Paul, who is very fair is our new light source. We have red lights on the boat to maintain night vision. No longer neccesary as Paul is a perfect source of red light waves. He absorbs them in the daytime and radiates them back at night. We awoke to a very still harbour this morning. It was so still, the boat was motionless. The water was a millpond and the day was a scorcher. Well into the high 90's (or 35+ for those who are metric) We got a lot of stuff done. Paul and I installed the cockpit speakers and they were very quiet and we were concerned that we'd have no tunes in the cockpit. We discussed putting an amp in or replacing the speakers, and then I discovered the volume control from some long lost installation since we bought the boat without speakers there. Billy Joel and boogie woogie were soothing to listen to as we battled the other projects.
Got Spot Tracker signed up today to post our location but need to work on the link to the so ti updates there.

We will upload photos tommorrow when we return to bandwidth. We will not be loading photos during the crossing but will have stills and video before and after...

Got to catch the launch back to the boat...
Vessel Name: Penguin
Vessel Make/Model: Endeavour 42
Hailing Port: Savannah GA
Crew: Matt & Lesley with Simon and Paul
About: Husband, Wife and a couple of friends
Extra: Getting Ready for the dash across the pond!
Penguin's Photos - Main
Bristol to Continental shelf and back
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Getting the boat ready
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Pictures for Before and After
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Getting Ready for the crossing
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Created 16 June 2009

Who's Aboard

Who: Matt & Lesley with Simon and Paul
Port: Savannah GA
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