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In Bristol and it's hotter than a pistol!

Having burgers and wings at Aidan's in Bristol. Paul, who is very fair is our new light source. We have red lights on the boat to maintain night vision. No longer neccesary as Paul is a perfect source of red light waves. He absorbs them in the daytime and radiates them back at night. We awoke to a very still harbour this morning. It was so still, the boat was motionless. The water was a millpond and the day was a scorcher. Well into the high 90's (or 35+ for those who are metric) We got a lot of stuff done. Paul and I installed the cockpit speakers and they were very quiet and we were concerned that we'd have no tunes in the cockpit. We discussed putting an amp in or replacing the speakers, and then I discovered the volume control from some long lost installation since we bought the boat without speakers there. Billy Joel and boogie woogie were soothing to listen to as we battled the other projects.
Got Spot Tracker signed up today to post our location but need to work on the link to the so ti updates there.

We will upload photos tommorrow when we return to bandwidth. We will not be loading photos during the crossing but will have stills and video before and after...

Got to catch the launch back to the boat...

06/22/2010 | Andy T
A bottle of red, a bottle of white, catch the launch back to the boat, tonight...... sounds good mate - weather fabulous - but is there any wind? looking forward to seeing the photos
06/22/2010 | Eric
Let's get this show on the road! FSA were in for a visit today. They send their warm regards. Very happy that you will focus on CFP upon return.
06/22/2010 | adrianna
It seems unreal that the time is close for your departure! Glad things are falling into place and hope your launch goes smoothly. Much love,

Off to Bristol Tomorrow
06/15/2010, London

Lesley and I fly out to Bristol on Wednesday. We will arrive Wednesday night and stay in a hotel the first night. The boat is still "On the hard" meaning up on her keel and held upright on stands. The bottom paint was shaling off and so we needed to get it soda-blasted off.

The previous paint job was done at a reputable yard but their painter "missed the window" of time to get the first coat of real paint on while the primer was still chemically ready to bond. So all the paint has to come off. Now we've known that since April but stalling and non-responsive staff at the original yard has meant she is getting blasted while I type and the boat isn't going in the water on schedule. Just as well. I'll get to see the bottom paintjob before she goes in and other stuff like if the soda blast has scuffed off any of the propeller protectant. The prop stuff is expensive but keeps the barnacles off.

I don't know why I expect anything else. We've had her out of the water 3 times and we have yet to not get expressions of surprise when we show up. " Oh, you meant THIS Wednesday?" "Yeah the same date since I we booked the tickets in FEBRUARY!"

Today I got an email about getting the mast steps installed. (fold up aluminum, about 6 inches wide...for climbing the mast) Seems the rivets that I ordered and had delivered were the wrong type, so can they install it with screws instead. They've had the mast out of the boat for ELEVEN months! They start working on installing the steps...(that have been there the whole time)!

Because of the paint job and the uncertainty, Lesley booked us a night at the Travelodge in Middletown. It's OK. I stayed there last time in April.

Well I am going to finish packing and I'll post more when we get to Bristol.


06/16/2010 | Andy Thompsett
Hey Matt!
Sorry to hear about the delays - hope you have a fabulous trip over the pond!
best of luck

06/17/2010 | Margaret
Found the blog so can keep in touch. Matt am sure they will realise who is boss shortly!. Any way hope the trip starts shortly. keep well both of you and drive carefully !!cousin Margaret
06/19/2010 | Nicola
Hi you two - hope all's well x
06/21/2010 | Gaurav
Hi Matt, hope you are having a great time !!
06/21/2010 | John Moore
Wishing yau all a great trip. Meant to ask before and forgot. Why is it called Penguin?
Our girl
06/19/2009, 40 25.07'N 74 01.5'W

Here she is in Atlantic Highlands Yacht Club mooring field. Nice marina and harbor. Great staff!

Two neighbours helped me get the boat out of the slip by coming aboard and releasing lines while I drove Penguin from the slip. Dan and Don were very happy to help me and come for the ride out to the mooring ball.

06/26/2009 | Bud Berry
You made our day! Thanks for sending us the blog. She looks GREAT!
Bud and Diana
06/26/2009 | Todd and Kaye
Hi Matt and Lesley, got your email. Just testing to see if you can see this. Hope it's smooth sailing.
Todd and Kaye
07/02/2009 | Bud Berry

we are watching your departure for your trip across the Atlantic. we look forward with envy but send our best wishes for fair winds on penquin... we know she will take good care of you and your crew.

hey Matt, your electronics upgrades and safety equipment sound awesome.
it's great reading your blog.

our best regards,

Bud Berry
07/02/2009 | Mark craig
Hi sis & mat
safe journey will keep track. hope we chat soon.
Take care

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