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SV Secret Agent Man
Eric Rone
Back at St. Francis
Eric cold
10/02/2009, marina

Hello all,
Sorry for no losts but I didnt have my camera and my internet connection wanst good over in Berkley. I met up with Laura Hautala at the pizza spot where she works and it was really cool. I got sort of lost on the way there. You have to go across a freeway and the traintracks to get into town and I ended up under the freeway on the wrong side of the tracks. Lots of sketchy looking people staying under there. There is s sweet footbridge that I used on the way back. I dove the boat to clean some growth but did do a really good job because the water was so murky you could only see about 16 inches and I had to put my face right up against the hull to see what I was doing. I did an OK job and deffinatly picked up a couple of tenths of a knot. To day I hung out with Croix and Amy and walked bussed and road the tram all over San fransisco. It was cool. More later....

eric nuking
09/29/2009, Berkley

Its blowing 30 in the marina. I am about to go chill and meet Laura Hautala at her work, and there is a tsunami warning for the coast of california resulting from the earthquake in the south pacific.

LOS ANGELES -- Federal experts have now issued a tsunami advisory for possible dangerous currents in coastal areas of California and Oregon following a magnitude-8 earthquake in the Pacific Ocean near Samoa...

Mom said 1000 pacific time so Ill try to be back to the boat by then.... This pic is my concerned face.

09/30/2009 | Michael Mordue
Congrats on arriving in San Francisco, well done.
The pics are great
Avoid those tsunamis.
Good sailing
09/30/2009 | Mark Craddock
no heroes.don go out in de tsunami.
10/02/2009 | diana
Oh! that's the same expression you made when the toilet overloaded. you and jon are totally nasty. :)
10/02/2009 | Eric Rone
When did the toilet overload? I dont remember. Its really good to hear from you Diana.
10/03/2009 | gail foreman
Great fun to read your blog Eric. Take care. Love and prayers from Wenatchee
Who dis?

09/28/2009 | belinda rone (mom)
Looks as though you are having a great time! Glad to see the pictures and hear all about your adventures. Love you! Mom
In my hood
eric sunny/foggy
09/28/2009, here

Hello all,
Still chillin at st francis yacht club. I dont have much to tell you other than Ive been hanging out with my friends. I spent all day with Amy Kozlowski yesterday and her family. She cooked up some pad thai that took about 3 hrs.. i helped. She did an amazing job and her mom made key lime pie from scratch. good crust. Ill be in berkly tomorrow. I hope you all are well. Peace.

just one of those dayz
Eric sublime
09/26/2009, St francis Yacht club

Hello all,
I ended up having an epic day yesterday. I was really trying to watch Sounders FC vs Revolution and came to recognize that I may not watch the sounders for some time unless they go far in the playoffs. I was on foot in San Fransisco trying to find the game. I saw John Lester take a line drive off his right knee and have to go out of his game... hope hes OK. I jinxed him by telling people that he had homecoming dinner in our house. Anyway I met this girl and ended up going for a night time san fransisco vespa ride with her. My friend Jack and his family and posse are picking me up shortly and we are going to watch UW play Stanford. My mindset has truley shifted to cruising mode and I celebrate my life what Im doing with it right now.

temple of fine arts
eric sunny/foggy
09/25/2009, marina

Here is the temple of fine arts which i look out of my window at. I felt like a major tourist taking these images.

St Francis
Eric Sunny
09/25/2009, St francis Yacht club

Hello all,
Im writing this piece to put it down for the St Francis yacht club. It is a sailors yacht club. It is very swanky but since everyone sails, you get mad street credit for doing a project like Im doing. There are very few solo sailors aroung and every one has lots of respect and wants to talk my ear off. The locker room and weight room and steam room and sauna are nice too. The truth is that Im pummped to do this trip and meet the people that I meet because They are all sort of the same (sea people) and if you take age into account I am in a really small group and people light up talking to me and usually tell me that Im doing the right thing. here ia a poorly framed pic of the yacht club.

09/25/2009 | Eric's Dad
I am so proud of my son!. Great to follow this adventure and hope that all your ports are as memorable.
The Bay
eric sunny/foggy
09/25/2009, The Bay

Still having fun. Took Jack and his dad out sailing today. It was windy and foggy. We did a fly by of the yacht club with the spinnacre up and looked cool. They want to take me to the UW vs Stanford game tomorrow. I was like.... "ok". Talked to lots of friends and will chill with them all. It is really nice to show up in a port and have tonnes of friends and a cell phone. I will enjoy it while it lasts.

09/25/2009 | Heather
Yo. Glad you made it to California waters OK. It's pushing 90 degrees here, 70 miles south of SF. I am off to Vegas for the weekend, but Joe is home. Have fun at the game. I hope the Dawgs don't dissapoint. Love Heather
09/26/2009 | Jack
Yo that is an epic shot! Awesome sail today bro, thanks again!
Sound in the Bay
Eric Foggy
09/25/2009, San Fransisco

Hello all,
Waking up in San fransisco. I chilled with my friend Jack last night and jammed a little with guitar and trumpet. We are going to go sailing today around the bay with some of his family. It is really foggy and one cant see much of the bay which is a bummer. The people here at St Francis yacht club are really nice and I would recomend it to anyone cruising through here.

09/25/2009 | Stephen Mordue
You made it! Awesome!
Lets go surfing this weekend:
Waist to shoulder with WNW swell Sat, Sun.
The Marina district boasts many bars. Next on the list: Black Magic Voodoo Lounge
I see you
eric good
09/24/2009, the ocean

I saw some sort of marine mammal every day this gy really wanted to get a good look at me. The image sucks compared to what he did. He would just lay on his side and stare right at me. I think thay have to know about humans and boats and laugh at out depth sounder pings.

the high seas
eric windy
09/24/2009, San fransisco

When I walked into the yacht club this afternoon I had the worst land sickness ive ever had. All the Voodoo children had it bad after this one swiftsure and this was just as bad. I think it if becase my boat is more rolly than most of the other boats ive been to sea on. The most solo sailor thing I did the whole trip was fix my phone today. It was working fine until this morning. I think the chart table where it was got some water in it when we got pooped by a big wave in the middle of the night. Anyway I was starting to get into possible mobile range and had just charged it the day before. I go to pick it up and no life, it wont even turn on... (explitive). So mcgiver kicks in and I take it apart and put it in the propane oven. It got a little cooked but that did the trick and I was able to take care of business and how Im going to meet with friends when I got here.

San Fransisco
eric foggy
09/24/2009, San Fransisco

Hello all,
Well Im sitting on my boat, relaxed and drying out on thurday evening at St. Francis Yacht Club. Last night it blew a gale and I thought I might get blown past san fransisco all together. It started in the afternoon. I was dropping more and more sail trying to slow down to get to the northern approach a little before dawn. I ended up going to bare poles at about 4:30 as it was windy. Not long after I looked back and saw that the fishing line was a shock loaded bowstring!!! I had a seamonster!!! record marlin or swordfish... for 10 seconds until my 150 pound test line failed with a "SNAP". I got another rig out fairly quickly but he was gone with a new piercing. my troubles were just begining. gale force winds made me change my plan and stand to sea of the falleron islands. I was ripping under bare poles over 5 kts. one puff over 40 sent the speed up to 9 kts. I realize I will need a way to slow down in such conditions. Also. These posts are going to be backwards I hope you figured it out.

Good to go!
09/10/2009, Astoria

Good news...
I drove down to Astoria on Tuesday and met with three different guys who knew their stuff about boatbuilding and they all said that the boat is good to go. Dave Green from Englund Marine was back from vacation and came down, and Jim got back from Canada on his Cheoy Lee and he and his brother who ore both carpenters and boat guys came down too. The consensus is that the main wall takes all or most of the load and is fine. The crack I heard was probably the tounge and groove seem failing because it was loadedd harder than it had ever been bashing off those waves. It will creek more than in the past and i will want to fix it in the future but Im not going to do anything about it now and get my ass down south. It is going to blow out of the north this weekend and I really want to go in it but would probably get in trouble for skipping my sister's wedding..

09/10/2009 | Heidi
Awesome news Eric! Glad to hear you have the green light. Hey, you still want someone to come with you? I don’t have much goin on the next couple weeks… Never mind the lack of sailing experience, lol I can make up for that with my skills at watch keeping and impromptu dance parties ;)
09/12/2009 | Ryan
YEAH DUDE!!!! Good to hear. Hope you get a good weather window next week
09/14/2009 | Hilary Law
Look forward to following your adventures. I think you are so lucky! I wish I could do what you are doing. Best of luck to you, Eric!
09/19/2009 | Heather Rone
Can't wait to see you in Cali!
09/20/2009 | Kelsey and Brian
Brian and I are back from China and SO happy to hear the boat is OK and you're back out there. (We miss you on VC.)
09/23/2009 | Harold
hey dude so cool that you are on the big blue again.
Stay cool man
waiting game
eric raining
09/06/2009, home

There are no answers yet to what is wrong and what Im going to do about it. That is most frustrating. Im home in tacoma, running in point deffiance and chillin with the whole fam. Im going back to Astoria tomorrow and dad wants to come. Hopefully we can go out for a sail and load up the damaged chainplate to see what we can see. We also might remove the holding tank which will be a shitty job. Here is a picture that dad took in port townsend that gives you a good idea of what the boat looks like all loaded up. I have since moved balast around so that there is a little water line showing.

09/22/2009 | Mark Craddock
Hope all is o.k Hope to se a posting soon.Go Eric!
break down cont..
eric OK
09/05/2009, Columbia bar

... So I got a few hours hove to near the mouth of the river. I woke up and was surprised to hear that there were some restrictions on the Columbia bar. Shit, am I not going to be able to make it in today it seems mellow. A quick call the the Cape Disapointment coast guard station revealed that this was not the case and I was clear to go in. The bar was no big deal though I can imagine... The biggest deal is that it is a long way in to astoria. Almost 15 miles from the mouth and I was fighting max ebb. this meens three knotts and change over the bottom which was going to take a while. The set back was as I was filling the deisel with a jerry can the spout came apart and I spilled about a gallon of deisel in my cockpit and on my feet which meant I was iceskating the rest of the day. Long story short is that I made it in fine. Shout out to brian Duchin and Pete Mcgonagle for helping me find a place to stay. The boat is in Astoria and I do not have answers yet as to how Im going to get out of there because the only shipwright in town was on vacation in Las vegas all last week. It is now saturday and im going to drive down on monday and try to hook up with him and get it sorted if not more information about it. I am in good spirits and look forward to getting headed south again.

brake down
eric moderate southerly
09/05/2009, off oregon coast

well bugger me...
As I write this Im sitting in my parents house back in washington with my mom watching vampires fight eachother (Twilight). The day after what I was writing about in my last post I did my first real bashing. It was uncomfertable. 15 knots out of the south and the seaway built fairly quickly to around six feet but there was still some leftovers from the day before and every once in a while there would be a double up resulting in the boat plummeting into outerspace and being violently stopped by water. The good news that the windvane drove like a champ still. The bad news was that at 1530 the boat and I got some air and after a split second gravity kicked in and we headed back down towards the ocean. When we hit I heard a loud crack that made my heart sink. I went down and had a pretty good idea that it was the portside chainplate. It was groaning and squeeking like my grandmas floor and I put my hand on one of the two vertical cracks in the double wall bulkhead and felt movement. I ran up and tacked. I was more than 100 miles off the coast having sailed away from america all day. Newport oregon was upwind and further away than Astoria so I made the decision to go to Astoria. I sailed until dusk. I was still 35 miles out and exhausted having little more than an hour of sleep in the last 48. I hove to and spent the night with a lot of tuna fishermen in the tuna grounds. I came close to a few of them but radar and AIS kept me safe and I talked to some of them on the radio and told them what I was doing...
To be continued....

shake down
eric, nice
09/05/2009, off washington coast

Well, sorry for slacking on the blog. I have been very busy getting out of the puget sound. There have been a lot of setbacks. The electrical system has been on the fritz. The main symptom of the electrical gremlins was the sailmail not working which I was counting on for communications at sea. This was because of RF interference and I solved it by physically separating the tranciever, modem and computer. It was a lot of motoring and bashing to get to Neah Bay which was not fun. I left early and made it out into the ocean with some jib out in an easterly. there was some unpleasant motion that was helped by some Gravol (seasickness drug). The one really positive thing was that the windvane-autopilot interface worked really well. It did some swerving early in the day but I learned how to dial it in and it worked like a champ. Throughout the breeze mellowed out and the highlight of the trip so far was playing guitar watching the sunset after dinner in a nice calm sea way. But I knew it would blow out of the south the next day.....

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