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SV Secret Agent Man
Eric Rone

hello all,

The boat is put away and warmed up it is still rough from two days ago but it is supposed to mellow out tonight and I feel the need to move on. There are mixed reports on the tuna but im definatly going to have the line out the whole time. Apparently one has to wait till the water turns color, and there is a temperature spike. I have never used the water thremometer very much but now it will come into play. Its 11:00 am thursday.


10/16/2009 | gail
Fresh tuna......yum! Allison and James are coming to Wenatchee for their first visit as Mr and Mrs. We are excited to see them! Will continue to follow your seafaring adventures. All the best. Gail
10/16/2009 | Ryan
Catch some tuna for me! Hope you have a gaff and a net bigger than Brian and Erin's!
on standby
10/14/2009, half moon bay

good morning,

It is the morning of the 14th. I am hoping to get out of here today but I want to give the sea some more time to mellow out after the storm. There is a bouy right outside the bay which I can access on and in the last several hours the wave hight has gon from 11 ft to 9 ft. Since I am going to be motoring and sailing into it I think I will let it calm down a little more. Im going to grab a shower and maybe go to the store one more time so Ill have a look. Last night the harbor entrance was pretty much closed out with big breaking waves.


10/14/2009 | Dad
Good luck on your next passage. You decision to stay at the dock proved well founded. Hope you get south of the chain of lows that pepper ther northern coast. Enjoy the warmer weather.
storm weathered
10/14/2009, half moon bay

Hello all,

I woke up this morning and it was gnarly. I had gone into the marina and was tied up really well in anticipation of this wind and I was glad I was. It was not insane but it was really windy. I poked my head out for a few seconds and saw 45 kts sustained with some big puffs. lots of people came in but the people who stayed out (in the harbor) survived. I talked to a couple on a catalina who said they saw 70 kts at about 1300 hrs. That might be an over zealous estimate but it was definatly the most breeze ive seen the entire trip and I was glad to be at the dock for it. I am planning on leaving tomorrow for san diego so there might not be blog posts for a few days. I feel like the weather is begining to turn and Im ready to go south.


Cali Storm
10/11/2009, half moon bay

Hello all,
Im still here in half moon bay. I would like to go south but there is a storm coming. There are several forcasts that all say its going to rain a lot and give winds between gale and hurricane force. It will get here tomorrow afternoon and night. SOme people left today to go south but Im going to wait till it passes and probably be at the dock for it. Possibly too conservative but I am really looking forward to using my space heater and shop vac. And I would rather be too careful than get rocked.

10/11/2009 | Eric Rone
There was supposed to by a pic of the cali storm too but I couldnt get it in the right format. It is not as gnarly as the storm below.
10/11/2009 | Mom
Glad you are playing it safe, and hope the storm isn't as bad as predicted. Keep us posted. :-) Love, Mom
Typhoon Melor
10/11/2009, west pacific

Here is typhoon Melor which could effect the california storm.

calm anchorage
10/09/2009, half moon bay

Hello all,
This reminds me of starwars. The ion cannon perhaps minus the ice. There are tons of seals here. There is definatly lots of fish in the harbor because the seals and the pelicans are after them 24 hours a day. The pelicans make the biggest splash. They are big birds and divebomb from very high up. They can see when it is really dark too so there is a lot of noise at night. I read when I was running that the bay is polluted and people shouldnt swim in it. Bummer.

10/10/2009 | Cathy Elvins
We talked about you this morning running. I am glad to hear that you are heading south to warmer weather and all is well. Thought it was about time I log on and check out your site. Beautiful pictures! Sorry about no bites on the line, it will come I'm sure. Hang in there. Cathy and Brien
10/11/2009 | Mom
Glad to hear that it is still calm. Beautiful shot. Loved your stories about the pelicans and the seals. Looking forward to your next entry. Love you! Love, Mom

PS The Huskies won, and exciting game.
hit the showers
10/09/2009, half moon bay CA

Hello all,
Well it had been since Berkley (one week) since the last shower. I had been doing allright with the baby wipes, but after running today it was time. I had anticipated this and filled up the solar shower with a couple of gallons of water before I went running. It worked out pretty good. I put it up on the sea hood which gets quite hot in the sun and this afternoon turned out to be a lot sunnier than the last couple of days. I hooked it up in the cockpit and it was by no means warm, but it wasnt that bad. I had a famly of five row by and wave as well as a learn to sail boat from Half Moon Bay YC. They figured out fairly quickly why I was sitting in the very bottom of the cockpit and probably had a laugh. It feels good to be clean

10/09/2009 | gail
I bet it does feel good to be clean. You better continue to sail south if you need the sun to warm your is getting cold where we live. Love and prayers from afar.
fitness day
10/09/2009, half moon bay

Hello all,
today i decided to work on my fitness. The only real work out I got in San fransisco was walking all over town, and I have not ran since I got here. I was out of gas so I rowed into town and started off towards the point where there is a park and one can see mavricks. I ended up on a fairly long stretch of beach and couldnt help but crack a smile as I ran down the strip of wet sand at the tide line. I have found that I am going to have to get serious about maintaining the fitness because you loose it really fast, especially the running fitness when you are not running. I think I will stay here through next week because there is a storm coming and it is forcast to blow 30-40 kts out of the south monday night. It will be a test for the groundtackle but I look forward to building confidance in it. (famous last words)

Half moon bay
eric good
10/06/2009, half moon bay

Here is where I am. Half moon bay. I really like it and the sailors here are very cool and hospitable.

10/06/2009 | Aunt Cara
Eric--looks like you are having a great time...what an incredible adventure! Hugs from Maia and too
10/06/2009 | Aunt Cara
Eric--looks like you are having a great time...what an incredible adventure! Hugs from Maia and too
10/06/2009 | Georgia Burgener
This will be fun following your Blog. Thanks for sharing and stay safe. From Wenatchee.
10/06/2009 | Eric Rone
Hey Cara, thanks for the air hugs. I just got here, its nice to get out of the city and get back on to more island time. I might stay here for a week. Hi zoe and mia.
10/06/2009 | Mom
Boat looks great. Love to hear about your adventures. Hope you catch some fish! Love, Mom
10/07/2009 | Auntie Laura
Hello from down under. Looks like a great trip so far. Glad you are having good weather. Kate sends hugs and says have fun! Love, Laura, Neil and Kate
10/07/2009 | Dad
Nice look at anchor. The CQR finally earning it's keep.
10/07/2009 | Amy
Sounds fan-tacular Eric! I hope you're loving your stay in HMB. Hugs from FL... hasta la vista.
10/07/2009 | Heather Rone
BEAUTIFUL! So glad you are there! Let me know if you hang around for the weekend and if you want to ride back with us to Morgan Hill. We know a guy (groom for wedding this weekend) who works in HMB and commutes there from the Bay Area, so we could hook you up with a ride back if we don't take you ourselves. Love Heather
10/08/2009 | Joel G.
Great to see you moving south, eh!
half moon bay
eric sunny windy
10/06/2009, half moon bay

Here in half moon bay. I met up with Kevin and KT and they showed me around town. Im on the hook, I have the dinghy in the water and all is well. This is Kevin's Cape Dory 28. I would have liked to bring a fish for them but I had the line out all the way from SF and no bites.

adios San Fransisco
eric Light and sunny
10/06/2009, leaving

Hello all,
Im in half moon bay. Right down the way from san fransisco. this poor boat, (bottom left) had a bad day yesterday under the golden gate bridge. I had a blast in SF and thank you very much to all my friends and family and the St francis yacht club for their hospitality.

10/10/2009 | David Law
We missed you at the Antique today. Eric Hautala along with much of the regular crew were there. I plan to follow you in your adventure. Good luck and smooth sailing.
me and jacob
10/06/2009, sf

here is me and jacob.

10/06/2009, sf

here is gretchen and her friends.

Heather and joe and I contd
eric windy
10/04/2009, California Academy of Sciences

... also on the roof were hundreds and hundreds of solar pannels. The building supplied 20% of its power from them according to Joe. The coolest thing by far was a giant "rainforest" terrerium that was a glass sphere sealed really well and had birds and butterflys in it. One entered and exited through "airlocks" to make sure no butterflys got out. at the bottom of the multi level terrerium was a big pond with lots of amazonian fish in it. it had a glas tunnel going right through it and you looked up through it throuth the terrarium to the skylights. Those are real fish in the shot

10/04/2009 | Dad
That is a cool shot. Nice outing and you adventure continues
Living roof
10/04/2009, California Academy of Sciences

Here is another pic of the roof.

10/04/2009 | Mom
Glad you got to spend some time with Heather and Joe. The California Academy of Sciences looks amazing. Great photos. Love, Mom
California Acadamy of Sciences
Eric windy
10/04/2009, Golden Gate Park

Hello all,
Today was pretty busy. It started with a knock on my boat this morning. I answered in my underwear and it was none other than Gretchin Kaiser whom I have done some thistle sailing with along with her partner Frank. Her brothers j105 was parked next to mine which she is racing tomorrow. (all girls) We agreed to meet later. Then my cousin Heather and her husband joe came over. We walked from the boat (st francis YC) to Golden Gate park which tirned out to be deep with a huge set of stairs at the beginning. We went to the California Academy of sciences which turned out to be awesome. It had a living roof with humps that had skylights on them....

ps (we have youtube)
eric very cold
10/03/2009, colvos pass

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