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SV Secret Agent Man
Eric Rone
Anchor Down! Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands
Eric's Dad

After four weeks and 3200 miles of sailing, Eric anchored in Atouna harbor early this morning. After a fast trip from the equator the wind gods turned off the wind 15 miles from the goal and a long twelve hour crawl into the bay in the middle of the night was the outcome. Eric will be picking up the blog again as soon as he's ready, Thanks for your readership. Here are the latest e-mails ...

4/13 "confirm landfall"
Hey guys,
I made it early this morning. I motored the last two miles and had the dinghy in the water on standby in case I ran out of fuel. I am anchored outside the breakwater with three other boats, none of whom had any lights on last night. I also spent the night several boatlengths away from gnarly rocks with surf crashing on them, which was a sharp contrast to being at sea. I got the hook set well in 30 feet and turned on the depth alarm and slept. Also, immediatly after I set the hook and was idling I ran out of fuel, so I am going to go get some today and see if there is any room in the bay. It smells like flowers, and foliage. A lot like landfall in hawaii. Cheers, Eric

4/12 "approach"
Hello all,
Well, it turns out that I am within striking distance. Four 150 mile days in a row put me there, and It still is marginal if I am going to make it by dark tomorrow or not. A lot depends on how fast I go tonight. I am about 150 miles out and there is still an hour and change of daylight today. I am smashing, but could use just a little bit more breeze. I thought about going with the chute tonight, but the breeze is on the beam and has been variable so I think Id rather sleep tonight. Tomorrow however the order of business will be: coffee, cliff bar, set up anchor, pop chute, make landfall. That will, of course, take all day. Sadly there is no moon. There is nothing to hit going into Atuona and my friends say its easy but if it becomes apparent Im not going to make it Ill have to park it off shore which will make for a long night tomorrow night. Nothing much else new. My bloody guitar strings (#s 1 and 2) rusted after three days. Kevin's brother is bringing us some, as Kevin's guitar is wasted too, and I might have him get some nylon ones for me. Je pense que j'ai besoin un peut plus vent. Peace

4/10 "re:"
Hey guys,
At the risk of jinxing myself I am crushing it right now. It is not particularly windy but I have about a knot of current with me. I did 155 miles in the last 24 hours. I lost a lure to a fish today and will try to get revenge tomorrow. I got locked into a robert ludlum book (that "Gemini contenders") and it is pretty good. That sounds like a mission to purge the berm... It is hot mom, I take salt water showers almost daily and once I caught some rainwater and did the final rinse in fresh water, such a treat. But that was a while ago. To answer some of your questions dad, I talk to everyone out here. For example tomorrow I will control the Pacific puddle jump net in the morning and evening and take position reports and traffic from about 20 boats. I have been talking to him (Kevin Stafford) three times a day and he is just busting out of the ITCZ but not before I put 250 miles on him... Eric

04/15/2010 | Jon

Congratulations my good man, the longest leg of your journey is behind you and now you can enjoy the sweet smells of the tropics once again.

Have fun in the S. Pac.
04/16/2010 | Jim Rooks, MD
Hi Eric, Have been really impressed with your fantastic accomplishments. The adventure of a life time. I have kept up with you through the years talking to your Dad at the hospital, and this is a great adventure.
04/16/2010 | Croix
Congrats! Glad to hear you've resurfaced in civilization. It sounds like the last month was a pretty amazing trip. Well done.
04/17/2010 | Tim and Karen
Eric, Glad you are safe and had a good transit.
Where too now ?
Cheers from Hood River
Tim and Karen
04/17/2010 | Mark Craddock
Felicitacions!Vous etes une personne impressionnante!Pense juste comment tres peu de personnes pourraient jamais faire que vous avez fait!Vous etes maintenant un membre d'une classe elitaire de marins!Mark
04/18/2010 | mark jensen
Eric, you've got us on the edge of our seats awaiting every post on your great journey. Quite an adventure!
Eric's Dad

It looks like Eric has finally broken out of the doldrums and is sailing steadily toward Hiva Oa. After three weeks at sea, I suspect playing in the sand will be a nice change of pace. Here are a compilation of the latest e-mails .....

4/10 "report"
Hello all,
It is remarkable how, on a long passage, one's mood is in total concert with the conditions. I am very happy right now. The sailing has been wonderful, though the SE trades where I am at are unsettled compared to the NE trades. There will be squalls all the way in and there is usually a shift associated with them as well as a big hole after they go by. I am very much in tune with the boat and I wake up straight away when something doesn't feel right and adjust. Poor Kevin has been stuck in the ITCZ for the past few days. I feel really bad giving my position reports because I sailed right around him and am smashing right at the islands while he is struggling to get back in the breeze. It sounded like he was getting sprung at noon today so I am curious to see how he did tonight. No fish still... I had the full spread out today and was going fishing speed... I have been killing the boat projects, and wont have much work to do when I get to Atuona except fix the radar, lowers, and profurler which should only be a couple of hours work ... I should be in there possibly as early as Wendsday but definitely by Thursday. Peace Eric

Hey guys,
I am trying really hard not to get bummed out, but when the conditions turn crappy, it only takes about 15 minutes to despair. When the conditions get good, it takes about 5 minutes to get happy. Last night sucked. Only one crash tack, but I had breeze out of the south west which is directly where I want to go and thus had to sail due west or even north of west on port. When the sun came up it got better and I am close hauled heading sort of at the islands, but not laying them. Everyone in front of me is close hauled so it looks like a beat for the next 700 miles. Eric

4/8"A poem by Eric Rone"
T'was the night before crossing
and all 'cross the sea.
Not a vessel was moving
especially me.
When up in the rigging
I heard such a clatter.
I sprang from my bunk to see what was the matter.
A ghost of a zephyr
was filling my sails.
I needed it badly,
no fuel on the rails.
One knot, then two knots, then three knots then four.
Then three knots, then two knots,
then drifting some more.
In need of a shower,
a meal, and cold beer.
I went down below and dreamt landfall was near.
I woke in an hour,
conditions were lame.
I prayed to the Gods,
and I called them by name.
Oh Neptune, Calypso, oh Triton, oh God.
The calm of the doldrums is eerily odd.
From the top of the mast, to the winch and it's pawls,
Get bent I.T.C.Z. and [ poor reception - ed.]

4/7"jail break"
Hello guys,
What I learned today and throughout the passage is not to despair. This morning was a bummer, but throughout the day I broke out of the ITCZ. The breeze was variable and there were several hours where I was not laying the marquesas but I sailed all day and have about 2/3 of a tank left. I just started motoring again during the PPJ net because the breeze dropped off. I should cross the equator tonight or early tomorrow morning. I am spending the fuel because boats just infront of me have 15 kts of breeze. Also, today I did more sail changes than I have done during the entire passage so I am pretty tired. I saw everything from a monsoon of a gnarly squall and 30 kts to beautiful blue sky and ten knots of wind. Pinquoya caught a marlin today and I am jealous. I am still in a slump. Other than that nothing much else new. The pro furler foil came apart at the very top joint but is still functional and doesnt look like it will hurt the sail. I dont have any champagne or booze so king Neptune is going to get some celestial seasonings tea... Eric

04/11/2010 | Tim and Karen Jones
Great Job Eric. What frequency is the PPF net boradcasting ? Cheers from Hood River, I'll head to Full Sail for pint in your honor on Thursday. Tim
04/13/2010 | Heather Rone
LOL! Love the poem! It was great reading your update; just the mood booster I needed!
The Doldrums
Eric's dad

Eric is trying to cross the equator this week and is in the infamous doldrums. Also known as the ICTZ, this is a stretch of inconsistent, changeable weather with notorious patches of no wind, squalls, very hot temperatures and frustrating progress. Here is sampling of the e-mails since the near dismasting of Sunday morning.

Hey guys, just a quick one here. I'm at 01 29 north and 129 07 west. The conditions are absolutely terrible. Gnarly squalls, sheet lightening, and breeze and swell right on the nose. I am going to run out of gas in a few hours. None of my auto pilot variations can steer close hauled... I did a couple of crash tacks trying it last night. So I'm looking forward to a lot of hand steering today. ... I will spend all day trying to get the auto pilot to work. ... pray for some easterly component [wind direction]for me.

Hello all,
Well.. I am about 150 miles north of the equator and truly in the doldrums. Ive been motoring for a little over 24 hours but the party is over tomorrow as I will be out of fuel. It is tropical down here. 90 degrees in the cabin, and a new record sea temp of 97 degrees. The boat is running fine, and I am in good spirits. ... Yesterday I say a very large shark. It was an oceanic black tip and about ten feet long. It swam by about two boat lengths away and was busting a "jaws". Its dorsal fin was the size of an 8x10 sheet of paper. ... wish me luck on hitting SE trades...

Hello all,
Well I made it into the ITCZ and the breeze got light. Ive got the motor on for the first time since pulling out of Mexico. I have reeled Kevin in to under 100 miles. Mostly because of his 30 mile day yesterday. I am at about 4 degrees north and I have 20 gallons of fuel left. I am planning on spending it all or as much as it takes to get to the SE trades and sailing again. Well see how the next few days go breeze wise. ... It is hot, and the water is hot too (95 degrees).

4/5 [earlier]
Hey guys,
I'm down below 5 north now. It is really hot and the water temp right now is 95 degrees f. I'm still going fast with full sail in an easterly but Kevin and Pinquoia parked it up last night. Kevin said he went 3 miles north drifting last night so well see how it goes. I now have him within a little over 100 miles. I'm trying really hard to catch fish with no luck so far today. but at the moment the sailing is brilliant. I got rained on pretty hard last night and the boat is as clean as its been for a while. ... Anyway not much else new here. I should be with in 1000 miles tomorrow and I already have my Marquesas courtesy flag made.
Cheers, Eric

Eric's Dad

Nothing wakes you up on Easter morning quite like looking at your new e-mail list and seeing two early AM messages from the Equatorial Pacific and your voyaging son. The first entitled "in trouble" and 45 minutes later "emergency"are waiting to be opened. Eric is not one to exaggerate or write joking subject lines. For the non sailors out there the "lower stays" are stainless wires that connect the sides of the boat to the midpoint of the mast and are critical to keep the mast lined up rather than buckling to the deck. At 3:00 am on Easter, Eric is 1500 miles from Mexico and 1500 miles from Hiva Oa in the Marquesas. Here are his e-mails.

0448 hrs "in trouble"
Real quick,
Just about lost the rig. It is still in peril. The port side lowers fell off the mast. I have the sails down and the runner on. I was sleeping. The rig was moving so much I thought it was gone. 15 knots. Ill go up at light. Eric

0529 hrs "emergency"
hey dad,
Well Im still in real trouble. The lowers are connected together through the mast and the [darn] starboard one is working itself out as I write. I went to go up the mast but it is gnarly. 35 knot squall as I write, and it was apparent that I was really risking my life. I have the mast secured as best I could. It is just [badly] rolling and moving so much... I really hope it doesnt come down as I am dead in the middle of the ocean. There is nothing I can do now. I am really frustrated. I checked that fitting last time I went up the rig and it was fine. If the rig comes down I wont be able to lift it on deck to save it. I will try to save the sails. I want to be at home in my bed right now. Eric - whimpering

0938 hrs "Re: Another idea"
Hey dad,
Everything is fine. Situation normal. From the tone of your emails and suggestions I dont think you realize what kind of trouble I was in. The leeward runner was off at the time and it was blowing 25 and big waves. I took the sails down immediatly and at that moment I would have bet against the rig staying up. It was moving soooo much. Like four or five feet to windward of where it was supposed to be, only held by the upper. I ran for the starboard runner and with mass adrenaline got it hooked up which helped. This is within 60 seconds of being dead asleep. I then took some lines and put the [spinnaker pole] attatchment point as high as I could get it [lines then tied from that mast fitting to the rail of the boat]. Between that and cranking the runners on the primaries the rig was fairly stable. I got all ready to go up the rig but it was 3 in the morning and very dark and right when I was all set, boom 35 knot squall [appeared] and lots of rain. I made the call to wait till dawn which was a good call. The reason I had to go up immediatly was that the lowers are connected to each other and the other one was working itself out of the mast and if I lost the fittings I was screwed. The other lucky things that happened were that a crucial irreplaceable nut that was the main failure fell from half way up the mast and stayed on deck. Also my snapon duckbill pliers fell from the mast and stayed on deck. I got pretty beat up going up the rig and if I never have to go up a rig in a seaway again it will be too soon. Anyway all is well and if I could reiterate how close to dismasting I was ... the only two times I have seen rigs in so much peril were the two times that I have dismasted boats. Im really tired so Im going to half off and sleep today. Eric

Whew! - have a nice Easter everyone - Craig

04/04/2010 | Jon McGuire
We're pulling for your Eric!
Happy Easter, we're all glad you managed the storm.
Thanks for the update Craig, I can't imagine the pit in your stomach this morning.
04/06/2010 | Randy Frazer
What's happening? Mast still up? Where are you?
Gnarly Conditions
Eric's Dad

Received a phone call from Eric Wednesday night! It was a radio operator in California with Eric on a Ham radio transmission. The operator could hook the phone up with the Ham transmission. Eric sounded like one of the Cylons from Battle Star Galactica but he was enthusiastic and well. He was pumped about having logged 145 miles that previous 24 hours now that he found more breeze.

Here's Thursday night e-mail, Subject : "so gnarly"

Hello guys,
As I sit here writing it is just dark and I am dripping wet soaked with sweat after just taking the single reefed main down in 35 kts. Today was very very drafty. 20-high thirties and the waves that come with it. I did not break anything though. Oh wait, I take it back. I smashed the 24 hr record as well as the boat speed record for Secret Agent Man. I ended up with a 24 hour run of 170 miles, and the top speed that I saw was 12.9 kts of boatspeed in a gnarly puff down a gnarly wave. One of the puddle jumpers (Wind Child) did an accidental gybe in similar breeze and someone got owned by the boom. They are seriously con cussed and have lacerations to the head and mouth. The coastguard are parachuting medics onto the boat and they sent a ship to pick up the person and the medics. They are several hundred miles away from me, but have the same weather conditions. All I have to say is those coast guard officers have some stones to parachute on to a boat in this breeze. Anyway I have a postage stamp of a jib out right now and am still ripping. I'm really looking forward to the bunk. I had lots of sail changes and a gybe today and I'm tired.

Then later ...

The medics made it on board and they are working on the guy and going to give a sit rep in one hour. Also I am really glad I took the main down. I have 100% really dense cloud cover which means pitch black and it is fricking nuking...

04/02/2010 | Harold
Hi Eric Following along with you really brings back memories. The trip really is the thing. Be safe have fun
Peace and love
04/03/2010 | Tim and Karen Jones
Kepp up the good work Eric !
the posts are great
Fish tale
Eric's Dad

Eric sends the following e-mails over the last three days. He is approaching the 1/4 of-the-way-there point (miles wise I think).

March 28th - Hello all,
It is a very tranquil evening out here on the ocean. The breeze has dropped off on me this afternoon. I went fast all night last night and kept her rolling today so I think I will end up doing several miles over a 100 mile day which is good. I had a sea monster take one of my favorite lures. I didnt notice it happen. It might have been when I was talking on the radio this morning. The snubber had tuna line marks on it from the load and the rubber was severed. Its hard to describe what the snubber is but it is robust. Any way, blue jet head is lost at sea... I controlling the puddle jump net tonight and so did a lot of reading, and some boat work today to save batteries.

March 29th - Hello all,
Good day out here. The wind has been moderate and variable. I have the full main up and the jib poled out. This combo is really fast when the breeze is up above ten knots, but when it drops lower than that, the boat rolls and the jib wont stay full. I had a light spot mid day but went fast all night and still pulled out a 120 mile day. I have reeled kevin in to under 300 miles. We'll seehow the race pans out because we are still far apart and do not have the same conditions. The ITCZ crossing will be the race I think because the boats that are through are in 25 kt SE trades and pointed right at Hiva Oa. There is still a very long ways to go and Ill be happy if I make it into the southern hemisphere in the second week of april. sv "coup de soliel" is at 7 North and just got into squalls today. Im looking forward to taking a fresh water bath....

Today early March 30 - Hello all,
Well... my mother would be very upset with me if she saw me do what I just did... I was doing my daily rig inspection and all was well. Just as I was getting back to the cockpit I noticed that the radar scanner was moving.. which is bad (20 feet up the front side of the mast -dad). All three screws that fastened the starboard side of the bracket holding the scanner were gone, and the entire unit was flopping about and it was immediately apparent that I had to go up the rig if I wanted a radar during the next six months. It was a mission. it is blowing 10-15 and every once in a while the boat will violently roll. Long story short I went up the rig and spent my entire roll of duct tape securing the bloody thing. I did get away from the rig once which was one of the more scary moments of the trip so far. The hard part was getting down. I have a petzl ascender and grigri and you need both hands to get down with the grigri. You also need both hands and feet to stay on the rig in a seaway. I managed, and if the duct tape fails Ill have to go back up and rivet it on. I think Ill go onto a reach for that. I am still as high on adrenalin as I can remember being.

Today later - Hey dad,
So I sat and thought for a while and was not happy with my duct tape fix and decided to go up the rig again. I got the rivets and gun and my spool of 3mm excel pro. I furled the jib and went onto a reach. This looked good, but was not. When I got up there the motion was way worse than the first time, and I ended up getting beat up. I looked at it and there was no way I was going to rivet it back on so I spent my entire roll of excel pro lashing the scanner to the spreader and it aint going any where. I got up there and forgot my knife so I swore to the ocean. I had to straddle the starboard lower and by far my worst injury was crushing my [self] on the shroud. It still hurts up in my stomach. Anyway, all is well and Im really happy with the fix. Thanks a lot for getting the spools of dyneema. Ill get this line back when I do the real fix later but that stuff is really handy. Ive become more confident and learned more on this passage than the entire trip so far.

04/02/2010 | mark jensen
I really enjoy hearing about Eric's adventure. Thanks for sharing with all of us.
Making Miles
Eric's Dad

Eric inspecting the boat. The repaired Ham radio mic is working well. If you want to watch Eric's progress on a map of the Pacific copy this address and enjoy
Here's the Friday night e-mail from Secret Agent Man.....

Hello all,
Really good sailing today. I did almost 140 kts in 24 hours, and I am still ripping. I have been doing lots of boat projects. I spent yesterday and this morning making a sweet line bag to replace my potable water jug that has been holding my halyards. My radio fix is holding up which I am really happy about. Most of all I just cant say enough about the sailing. It is hundreds and hundreds of miles of "clover", and there is nothing to do all day but read, and work on the boat, and talk on the radio, and get the boat dialed!

03/27/2010 | Julia
Thanks for the link to track Eric's sailing progress. If you don't mind, I met the editors of a sailing magazine put out by 48 Degrees North yesterday and they were very interested in hearing about Eric's trip - I'd like to send them the link to his blog. I think they were jealous of his adventure! :) - Julia
03/27/2010 | Heather Rone
Thanks for the map link! I was wondering about that last night and was just about to inquire...
03/28/2010 | Joe & Donna Jasper
Love the photos of the young explorer. Sounds like he grew up to be a very capable sailor, remedying dilemmas with creative fixes. J & D Jasper
03/30/2010 | Jeff Stivers
Your smashing dude! Thanks for putting up the link... really cool seeing exactly where you are. PURA VIDA!!
Rolling in the Trades
Eric's dad

This photo is Eric preparing for his eventual ocean passage trying out foodstuffs at about age 18 months. Eric called briefly on Monday night (3/22) as he sailed by Cabo San Lucas and within cell range. Motoring into a light westerly. Todays e-mails were desperate and then triumphant.

Hey guys,

The sailing has been fantastic. I'm at 21 18 north and 111 05 W on a heading of 257 true. The breeze is on the beam and so it is fairly rolly. The boat has been tossed inside several times. This morning I broke the mic on the ssb radio and cannot transmit. I will try to fix it but there are two different pins in the plug that have snapped off and I dont think I will be able to fix it. I will try all day to fix it but right now I want to &*%$#cry because I lost my favorite link to other people on the first day of the trip.

Tonight he writes back .....

Hello all,
Glorious victory. I feel great even though I feel like Im getting my first sore throat in memory. I dont know if mom and dad put up the last email. It had some words in it that would have had to be bleeped out. Last night the radio got stepped on. The plug for the mic is like a ten pin plug and I bent two pins bad. I carefully tried to bend them back but they broke off. I plugged the mic in and tried to check in to the amigo net this morning and was not transmitting. This is a real bummer for me because I am totally a member of the ham and ssb community down here and my friends would have missed me. I fixed it, Mcgiver style. I tried to solder the pins back on. No way. I tried to epoxy them on. negative. Then I had a really good idea and cut two tiny pieces of bailing wire perfectly to fit in the female part of the plug and make contact with the broken ends. And it works. I am stoked.

03/25/2010 | Mark Wall:EBBIE
MacGyver style Triumphs!!! You rock!
Eric's dad

Here's the latest from Eric the world traveler. El Cordonal is beautiful bay on Isla La Patida 25 miles north of La Paz. Eric left solid ground and La Paz Wednesday afternoon and planned to stop at El Cardonal to dive the boat in clean water and do last minute servicing before his departure Sunday morning (3/21). He will sail now non stop to the Marquesas 2805 miles away on a straight line. More likely he will sail > 3200 nM. The photo is an early picture of the world explorer taken in 1982 on the back of his grandfather Kenneth Sr. visiting Stonehenge. Here's the Saturday night email from Eric.


Hey guys,
I am in El Cardonal, and am just about to go to bed. I am going to leave tomorrow. I have been really tired doing boat work the last two days. The scope of the voyage made me really want to do a bunch of things that were coming up on the list before being at sea. Cleaning the bottom down here sucks. You get hundreds of baby barnacles all over you, in your hair and ears. But I got the bottom really clean. I checked the rig, and did full maintenance on the engine, including bleeding the fuel system which I learned how to do today. I also put the check valve in the bilge hose which I wish I had done a long time ago because I can now leave the float switch on all the time. Lots more but I have to keep it short. I joined the pacific seafarers net which is a ham net and why I got my license. The propagation is brilliant right now and I am talking to people all over the world on these frequencies... including people with stations in Washington state like we were on the telephone. You guys should get a station at your house it is a really good spot.


03/23/2010 | Cyntia
Hi Eric, We received a envolop for fou. Who can pick up it or we keep for yo?
03/23/2010 | Cyntia
Hi Eric, We received a envelope for fou. Who can pick up it or we keep for yo?
...and Im off.

Hello all,
This will be my final entry from the internet in the northern hemisphere. Mom and dad will continue to manage the blog and post my emails from sea. I am planning on going to Hiva oa which is really far, by far the farthest solo passage I have done yet. I am really looking forward to the sailing and encourage you all to check in often. I will be leaving this weekend from the islands where I am going to clean the bottom, and load up on fish. I wish you all the best from Secret Agent Man.

03/18/2010 | Alicia & Ted
Have enjoyed hanging out with you these last few days and are so glad we were able to tour your boat yesterday. Everything looked ship shape and we wish you a safe and FUN journey to Hiva oa! We'll be checking in on you often. Fair winds & smooth seas!
03/18/2010 | ryan
Rone - smooth and safe sailing! hope you have an epic trip across. will keep track of you on your blog. catch some big fish!
03/18/2010 | Allison
Bon voyage, big brother. May you have fair winds and skies and find many great things on your journey across the ocean. I love you!
03/18/2010 | Julia
Have a wonderful time. I'm trying to imagine sailing all alone that far. What an adventure! Take care! - Julia
03/21/2010 | Mark Craddock
Hey Eric,I think this might be a little late,but good luck in the open ocean. Wear your life jacket, and always err on the side of attaching your lifeline rather than not. Buena suerte y vaya con Dios. Mark
03/21/2010 | Armand
Hey Eric,

I have enjoyed following your journey via the blog and I look forward to updates from your travels towards the South Pacific. I'm not sure if you're planning to eventually make it to Sydney Harbor or, if yes, when that might be but I gave my sister Nicole the heads up. So let me know if you are and I'll make sure you get her contact info. Take care and safe travels.
stand by...

Hello all,
I just returned from my last trip in the sea of cortez. I met up with several old friends and made a few new ones too. I also learned how to dry fish (fish jerky). The method is to cut the fish into really thin strips and maranate it in teriyaki and brown sugar. Then you lay it out on tin foil in the sun until it looks like jerky. The teriyaki fish jerky I made turned out great. I also tried BBQ and not so much... I began to use the ham nets on this trip as well. It is very similar to the ssb nets but not everyone is on a boat and they are a little more strict about radio protocol. I am now on standby for my crossing of the pacific. I have to get food, and do some boat work and check out of the country and then Ill start speaking french. I hope you all are well, and I will make sure that mom and dad know how to post text on this blog. I email them almost every day at sea so there will be a lot more content on here in the next month.

03/13/2010 | Julia
Good luck! Have fun! I'll be thinking of you! Very very exciting! - Julia
03/14/2010 | Erik
I hope you have good wind and fair weather across the pacific, that is a trip i would love to make someday also! Its really cool to see Secret Agent Man roaming the world.
03/15/2010 | Don Patterson
I'm interested in your itenerary. E-mail us when you can. We're a year behind you, but I imagine we'll be visiting some of the same places. Your perspectives will be meaningful to us. We will head first to Ecuador. The Galopagos Islands are important to us. Then on to the South Pacific. We depart here 15 July.
03/16/2010 | Tim and Karen
Great to visit with you while we were in LaPaz. Have a great trip !
Cheers from Hood River
03/16/2010 | Croix Gagnon
Good luck Eric! Have a safe voyage across the Pacific.
03/17/2010 | Mark Wall
Hey Eric,
Mark from Ebbie here. It was nice running into you today and seeing you before you set sail on your next adventure to cross the pond. Meant to ask if you had a blog so I could see your amazing experiences and am happy to have stumbled across this blog.
It was a pleasure meeting you in Evaristo and sharing some nasty 10 year old port found in the caverns of the boat!!
best of luck. be well. mark
go green

Hello all,
No tsunami in lapaz, thank the maker.... Some boats down south had up to a five foot surge. This is what I have been creating lately. It its the wind generator for Secret Agent Man and hopefully it will provide me with more power than I can use. I will be leaving tomorrow for the islands to do some fishing and then come back here and check out of the country and head across the pacific. Thank you for reading my blog and sorry for slacking on the posting...

03/01/2010 | ryan
wind gen looks good man!
03/02/2010 | Julia
That wind generator looks really cool. I want to try something like that on our house. I know you're too busy to post more but I wish you did cause I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures! Glad the tsunami missed you! - Julia
03/02/2010 | Allison
Excellent work with the generator, big brother. Have fun in the islands! I love and miss you very much, and am jealous of your freedom as I sit here in my office.
03/03/2010 | Admiral Piett
Distance to power generator. One seven decimal two eight. Haha!

Hello all,
Here is a pic of me sailing with the chute up. It was blowing out of the south when I left for the latest trip to the islands and I ended up having an excellent run with the kite up. I made it up to San Evaristo which was a really cool anchorage with a fishing village. I broke the linkage from the transmission to the shifter on this trip. I fixed it once but the fix only lasted for a few shifts and then it was totaled. I ended up running down to the engine and shifting difectly at the transmission for the rest of the trip. I caught lots of fish, and saw lots of whales, and tried to shoot fish with poor results. Me and some canadian friends did a lot of spear fishing. We wore our wetsuits because we were doing up to six hours a day. I did not have weight and thus had to swim down the whole time to stay down. To shoot fish you have to stay still on the bottom and if I froze I would float up. I have weights now and am looking forward to getting in the water again.

02/23/2010 | Eric
Good lookin chute! Sounds like an epic fishing adventure. Hope you can get the shifter replaced. Oh and by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
02/24/2010 | amy
feliz cumpleaņos muchacho. i hope you were able to celebrate. costa rican tradition had me victim to eggs smashed on the head, but in as loving a way as possible : ) cheers and be well... salud.

Hello all,
Sorry for slacking on the blog. I have been up in the islands sailing around and fishing for the last few weeks. Well, actually, I have been back in town for a week and a bit now but I have been very busy. Carnival was going on last weekend which was loud and fun. It is very much like the puyallup fair but with an epic parade every day. I have also been getting the boat ready to cross the pacific. This pic is of the new vents for my fridge compressor. It is in a small compartment and makes a lot of heat when it runs. Hopefully it will be more efficient with some colder air circulating.

02/22/2010 | Joe & Donna Jasper
Hello, Eric !!
Your vent work looks very professional. You are certaintly a skilled craftsman, and it sounds like you are becoming an accomplished fisherman via unusual means. Take Care. Joe & Donna Jasper
mission status
01/24/2010, lapaz

Hello all,
Im back in lapaz still after hosting mom and dad for a week. They were a pleasure to have aboard because they are already boat people and did not complain about not having a shower for a week.. or a door on the head... The fish also got the memo that mom and dad were onboard and we ate them every night. This mahi mahi looks like the one we caught bashing to isla sanfransisco, but in fact, Kevin caught it with his bare hands in the shallows after spotting it on top of a ridge and running down it (which was gnarly), getting directions from the spotters on top of the ridge... and tracking the fish down and throwing it up on the beach. A video is worth a thousand words. Stand by for that.
Agent Rone

01/24/2010 | Julia
Glad to hear your folks made it out there and are having fun! I'm jealous of all the fresh fish you're getting to eat. I met some folks in Ballard to go kayak fishing with down by Golden Gardens/Carkeek when Spring comes so I'm looking forward to that. Take care! Julia & Emma June
01/26/2010 | Dad
Thanks for a great week of sailing and sun. Fun to wander the Sea of Cortez. Fishing, scenery and meeting your co-cruisers was a blast. You were a great host and guide. We still have fading tans!
01/27/2010 | Allison
With his bare hands? That is hard core! Tell Kevin I said so. I love you and miss you so much, and buenas suerte with your Spanish lessons!
01/27/2010 | Sarah SV Stepping Stone
(Been too long :) That is a story I cannot WAIT to hear! Thinking of yous guys. We are currently hangin in San Blas. Had an awesome jungle cruise as of late.Check out our blog. Miss your smilin faces....and I hope you made pie for Ma! !ten cuidado!
01/28/2010 | Eric
Rone, that is a nice lookin mahi. My taste buds are jealous. Speaking of gnarly, the weather up here has not been friendly. Just signed up for an 8k in March. I'm stoked for sun mtn, but it won't be the same without you there this year to ski with and play epic ping pong. Later
02/03/2010 | Agent Stivers
Yo Man,

NICE FISH! You're learning the ways of the Pescadoro young grasshopper. Hope all is well with you down South. We miss you back in SEATOWN brother. Pura vida por todo su vida!
02/05/2010 | Mark Craddock
Hola Eric.Lo siento que no he escribido a tu mas temprano.Luego, me alegro que sus padres estaban alla. Cuando vayas tu a los islas del Pacifico Sur?No podemos ir a la Montana del Sol tambien.Vamos a las Olympics en Whistler. Vamos a ver a Lindsey Vonn en el evento de los mujeres de esqui combinado.Es posible que ella va a ganar todos los eventos de esqui alpino.Luego,buena suerte y vientos favorables.Vaya con Dios.Mark
teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime

Hey all,
I just got back into town from the islands. These are rooster fish. On this trip I took my first step towards becoming a jedi pescadoro. I learned how to throw a cast net and catch my own live bait. I caught lots of fish and learned the different ones here and how good of eating they are. I caught a manta ray and fought it for a half an hour. (of course I released it) I also made friends with lots of cool cruisers and learned a lot about them. Two guys in particular were master fishermen and both Kevin and I got schooled properly. I had an epic second half of my sail back to Lapaz today. I sailed off of the anchor and after about an hour of going slow decided to motor sail. But after a couple of hours it picked up out of the NE and I ended up on a beam reach going 6+ kts and sailed all the way into the anchorage. That was what its all about. I had a huge grin on my face the whole time.

01/07/2010 | Mom
Are these eating fish or bait fish? Can't wait to see you! Dad and I arrive at 2:00 PM on Saturday and are looking forward to a week of sun, fishing (and eating the fish) and sailing. See you soon! Love, Mom
01/19/2010 | Ryan
Nice roosters!
01/24/2010 | Joe Burcar
Hey Eric, Just re-connected w/your blog. Great stuff - enjoyed reading your posts.
Wish we were there, sounds like a great adventure. Keep posting, cheers

-Joe & Becky
what is it?

Hey all,
This is a fish trap that was made by some firstpeoples that fished on isla partida. I dont know about it yet but I am going to look it up. The trap is totally under water at high tide and closed off at low tide. I think the fish got funneled into the trap through the "y"s on either side.

01/22/2010 | Joe Jasper
Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Chinese Proverb

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