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SV Secret Agent Man
Eric Rone

Happy birthday

Hello all,
Today is the birthday of my sister. I do not have any photos of her that she would like to see on the internet so here is one of our grandmother holding her first great grandchild. And it speaks for itself I think. I love you Allison.
Love Eric

01/12/2011 | Allison
Thanks big brother. Your niece was Miss Grumpy Gills today (apparently she didn't know it was mommy's birthday), but I still had a great day. Your email was the best part! And having an older brother like you waiting when I was born was the best birthday present a little sister could get. I love you and miss you very much.

Hello all,
The quality of life on my boat just went up a lot with the addition of a fan (ventilateur). My friend Alain had an extra one and I got 220 volts to the boat with a big extension chord. It seems like the simplest thing but it makes an enormous difference with both the bugs and how hot the inside of the cabin is.
Thats it for now I was just really happy to get a fan working onboard.

01/11/2011 | Mom
That looks like a monster fan, and I'm glad to hear that it is helping with the heat and the mosquito swarm. Volleyball looks like fun. How are the blisters? And please give a big merci to Alain for being such a help. Looking forward to the next post. Mom
01/14/2011 | Julia
We woke up to 4 inches of snow in Seattle the day you wrote this! I think you should get a Facebook account so you can post lots and lots of photos of your adventures. Plus you could see how cute Emma June is getting and all the cool stuff she's learning - like rock climbing!

Hello all,
The internet rocks right now so I thought I must post even though there is not much to report. Today Alain had the use of the car that belongs to a boss at the Tahiti Yacht base. We went into town and I got some food at the store and went to the bank and got some CFP. (that is Polynesian francs). The mission was to do laundry at the Yacht basin. I also looked at scooters and bikes for some transportation. I dont know what Im going to do about this yet because on these islands everything is about 20-30% more expensive than in the states because of the shipping. It was really nice to wash some cloths that had been sitting my boat for 6 months and were very grody. The washing machine was very small though so Ill have to do my sleeping bags by hand. Alain has really gone out of his way to help me out and I want to give him a shout out and say "Thank you very much man" I know you will read this with the translation program so I hope it comes across en francais. Not much else new for now. I hope you all are well and will throw up some comments soon.

01/15/2011 | Alain
Ia Orana! Hello everyone!
No need to thank me, it's natural.
We are at the end of the world and help is part of Polynesian culture.
So it will always be happy to accommodate you. Do not hesitate! Demand, there is always a solution ...
No stress, quiet life, Carpediem!

Hello all,
I believe I just discovered that my internet connection works way better with safari than Internet explorer. I could not get images loaded before and just had some luck and it was fast. The sport here as with most places I have been in the south pacific is volley ball. I went to a practice in town on friday and had a blast. I am OK but these people play a lot and I wasnt quite at their level. I also played barefoot and ended the practice with blisters on my big toes but they are not too bad. There is a big game next week that me and my friend Alain will go to and Ill bring my camera. I see that it is 36 degrees in tacoma. The only way I could get anywhere near that temp is to stick my head in the fridge. It is 93 degrees in the cabin right now and I am dripping sweat. But it is a beautiful day here it has been blue sky without any squalls so far today which is unusual. I hope you all are well and I can keep getting images up on the blog.



Hello All

Well the internet here is very sketchy. Sometimes is is great and sometimes it is not even there. I just spent a long time writing a great blogpost and lost it trying to send. This is very frusterating because I try to write something interesting and fun to read for you guys and then loose it. this happens a lot I guyss I should figure out how to back them up before I try to send. Todays was about mosquito poison and skippering a moorings boat on a trip next week with a bunch of employees here at the boat yard. Not much exciting going on. My french is good enough that I am not a fly on the wall when hanging out with my french speaking friends.


01/07/2011 | Kenneth Newell
We are sitting here in Ivercargill, NZ...basically the southern most point of the NZ islands having a beer reading your blog. We are looking forward to seeing you out on the water in Fiji if you make it while we are there!

Cheers for real!

Ken & Lori
01/08/2011 | Alain

After Eric left to battle with (its) mosquitoes, construction workers have decided to invite him to participate in a game of volleyball. This match was welcome because Eric was already beginning to take shape in his boat (laughs). The photos will probably be online soon! Eric thank you for making us laugh! :)
Hello All

Well Im back in the tropics. And it is very tropical. The temperature is in the mid 80s and the humidity is very high. There have been some pretty violent squalls with a lot of rain in them the past few days but I guess that is the tropics for you. Coming straight from Tacoma on the first of the year was a bit of adjustment for my body. I have done a lot of sweating, drinking water and standing under the cold shower here at the boat yard. The boat was fine when I got here except for having grown a lot of mildew. There are also lots of mosquitos which is a bummer. I only have two ports with mosquito netting and It is really nice to have everything open for the breeze. Last night I did wake up to mosquitos in my ears a few times and have fed them pleanty of my blood this week. The people who work here had monday and tuesday off so I met some of them for the first time yesterday. And there is a frenchman Named alain who is living on a boat here too who I have been practicing my french with. Other than that I have made a huge list of boat projects but have mostly been going throught the boat and cleaning so far. I miss you all and hope you are well.


Im out..

Hello all,

Tomorrow I am flying back to the boat. It was wonderful to get some months back in the PNW and see all of you. (Especially my new niece). I am sorry to have missed all my friends that I did not see and look forward to catching up with you all down the line. Special "Peace" to: Jack, Croix, and Ramsey. Here is my Mom modeling the new Secret Agent Man battle flag.

01/01/2011 | Julia
Yay! More living vicariously through your adventures. Emma June just started her first blog but it is private and I don't know how to invite people yet. It's cute though. You can keep up with us on my blog http:[email protected] We're moving to Woodinville at the end of the month. Have fun in your travels!
01/08/2011 | Alain
Again congratulations for this beautiful flag Madam truly missing the boat Eric. It looks better now ... Do not worry, Eric speaks better English than me! Best Regards, Alain.
11/27/2010, Tacoma

Hello all,

I will be back on the boat in a month... I miss my boat and I am really looking forward to seeing her again. I will stay on Raiatea for a couple of months doing boat work and waiting for cyclone season to be over. This is my niece Ingrid. She was 8Lbs 6 OZ which is 0.5982 stone. She is very healthy and a wonderful baby. She cries when she is hungry or wet and thats it. She is a very social baby and likes interesting shapes and patterns. I miss all my cruising friends and hope to see you all in the future.


12/03/2010 | Julia
Congratulations to you and your sister and the rest of your family! Ingrid is almost as cute as Emma June (hey - that's saying a lot!) I have a hard time imagining your mom as a grandma. Have fun on your adventures when you are back to sailing. I hope someday you write a whole book about everything you're doing. Love - Julia & Emma June
12/04/2010 | Tim
Eric, Good news and congratulations Uncle !
Hope you have a good season. Karen and I are headed to the BVI in February for a week, not really long enough though. Skiing has been great and I really like my new snow shovel! HA HA......
Tim Jones
Summer in the PNW

Hello all,
Soooo... Secret Agent Man is on the hard in raiatea. And I am sitting down in port townstend WA writing to you. Today Mom and Dad and I motored up here on the start of the first of two trips up to the san juans this summer. And when I say summer that is technically what season it is but up here at 48 degrees north in late june, it is about 40 defrees F and raining. Today I wore all the gear I brought and was very glad to have my foul weather gear once again.. Its been a while. The boat is safe. Air france rules. and I look forward to seeing everyone who is still in the south pacific at the start of next season. It has been wonderful to see and spend time with my family again. Allison is quite pregnant. I very much enjoy speaking english to people on the street once again. But I am very happy to have a round trip ticket back to paradise. (and a wicked internet connection) Brian and erin and brady, it was great chilling with you in rangaroa and I did try on allisons BC first thing when I got home. I will miss you all and please email me once in a while with updates on what you all are doing.

06/21/2010 | Julia
Your mom had said you are going to be an uncle! How fun and congratulations to your sister! Pretty shocking to be back in the raining weather, huh? I've really enjoyed reading about your adventures! love - Julia & Emma June
06/22/2010 | Amy
Eric! Ur in WA?? Welcome back! Thanks for the awesome/nerve wracking stories in the meantime. My sister is wed, and JZ is an even greater but wonderful handful. I'm flying back to Seattle the beg. of july before heading back to the ranch in Costa Rica. We're doing some amazing projects down there and would love to swap stories. Congratulations thus far on your journey!
06/28/2010 | Jeff Stivers
Erok, hit me up if you're back in town. Are you going to the Bellarmine Reunion? It's July 10th. Call me - 253-709-0559.
06/29/2010 | Tim Jones
Welcome back to the Great Pacific Northwest Eric. Looks like I have a little more time to tune the new radio. Sailing has been good on the Columbia, not very warm as you now know.
Best to you and I hope our paths will cross again. If you make it to the Hood Full Sail is on me !
06/30/2010 | mark craddock
Hey Eric, Welcome back! i have just caught up on your blogs, and it sounds like you have experienced a lot. I'm glad nothing went too far wrong and you were able to fix your rig. What you are learning will be I'm sure invaluable in your future career in the boating industry. Have fun with your family. This may not seem like paradise, but remember, you can't snowboard on Hiva Oa.Mark
07/01/2010 | Geoff Breckner
Hey Eric,just found your blog,wanted to see how you made out.I am in Squamish if you make it up this way.My boat"Verdia" is at Guaymas on hard.$116. month only.Going back in Oct.Keep in touch,you on facebook?
07/04/2010 | Liz
Hey Secret Agent Man! How U been? Heard you had a great time in Tuamotus, and hope you have a great summer! good luck and take care my friend!
07/11/2010 | Adrienne
Hey! I remembered how to find you! Are you astonished? :) How long are you in town? I would love to hang out before you leave. Email or call me: 253-686-6221.
09/21/2010 | Tim and Karen Jones
Hey Eric ! Hope your summer up north went well. Are you heading south again this winter ? Karen and I are sailing in the BVI in February. I don't think the VHS will reach you.
Sailing in the gorge was pretty slow this year.
Hope you had a good year !
10/30/2010 | Frank and Gretchen
Yo, we lost your email when our computer died. Drop us a line. We are in Panama getting rained on.
drift dive

Hello all,
Just another day in paradise. Today I drove the dive boats for the crews of Delos and Ghost for a pass dive. The current was ripping and I instantly lost their bubbles. I knew how long they would be down for and put myself pretty close to where they ended up. The current was running at 5-6 knots... After that we snorkeled around the motu at the end of the pass which was really fun. The current was ripping and to get around the point you seriously had to rock climb on coral in about a foot of water. The current was so strong that the girls struggled to keep their tops on.. I got close enough to a four foot black tip to touch it. After that we went back out the pass and I got to do a drift dive which was really cool. I saw two white tip sharks really close and flew over the reef in a flood that was still strong. And finally after a late lunch and frisbee session with some local kids we made some bling with black pearls and the some of that kit that you sent me in mexico mom, thanks for that. Still no rangaroa pics on the computer so here is me hiking above the bay at hanavave.

06/12/2010 | Allison
The diving must be amazing there... so much better than the murky Puget Sound! I am jealous. Today is the Sound to Narrows and James and I are going up to Tacoma to celebrate Dad's birthday. We all miss you so much and cannot wait to see you (including your future niece / nephew, who is now as long as a carrot and kicking like crazy). Love, Al
06/13/2010 | Jonathan McGuire
It sounds like you're having the time of your life out there Eric, and I must say I'm not without jealousy! Hope you get to keep diving and exploring the wild my friend, those shark encounters sound like a harrowing but still amazing experience. As I'm sure your dad has told you, or you've heard on the radio, the US managed a 1-1 draw against England in their first match of World Cup, on a piece of luck and a poor play on the ball by the Brit keeper!
Cheers lad, all the best, missing you from the East Coast.

Hello all,
I am here at rangaroa writing this from Delos with a full house on board. We have all the Bubbles guys, and some english and australians from "ghost" and we are about to go on a night dive. Me and erin for our first times. I have dove twice in the last two days and got down to 60 feet this afternoon. The delos guys got down to 130 this morning which is gnarly depth. Brady went deeper but his computer is broken. Other than that we have been snorkeling and wakeboarding. There is a high over us right now so the entire atol is glass and the visability is better than usual.. 100 feet plus. Today I came face to face with a decent sized black tip which got the heart rate up. It was a beutiful shark and I was really close in extremely clear water. Better than any aquarium. Not much else new. My tuamotus pics are not yet on my computer so here is one from bay of virgins on fatu hiva.


Hey all,
The internet connection is terrible. I just lost several posts trying to load them. Liz is leaving the boat today and I am about to sail to the tuamotus.
Here is a picture of the anchorage in Anaho which has been the best in the marquases so far.

06/02/2010 | Julia
Lovely photo! Sorry to hear you're losing your traveling companion. Glad to hear all is going well! love from Julia & Emma June
Bath Time
Eric's Dad

Eric has not had internet access except in the two large villages of the Marquesas, and that is without attachments, meaning small notes and no photo's. All is well and here are his last four e-mails.

5/26 - Anaho Bay
Anaho Bay is spectacular. I got my anchor stuck on a coral head really bad and spent most of yesterday diving it to no avail. It was lodged under it and in about 30 feet of water. i could get down there but after about five seconds of exertion had to head back up. Today I had a rescue team of three guys and a lady help me as they were headed out to dive with two resident mantas. They got it out right away and I moved about four boat lengths to some nice sand. We just had them all over for a dinner party and heard all about the Caribbean and Panama. They were all English. Liz and I hiked over a mountain range today to the next village and had ice cream with Margo and Frank and Logan from Silver Lining. We will continue to circumnavigate and probably be in town within a week and check out and head to the Tuamotus. Not much else new. The engine is fully operational.

5/21 Circumnavigating Nuka Hiva
I have had a really hard time getting out on the radio here. We are circumnavigating Nuka Hiva. We are in Typee Bay right now and are sailing to Anaho tomorrow. I caught a Mahi Mahi yesterday and today we hiked to an awesome archeological site with lots of Tikis and cool Maeae (platforms) after that we treked and i do mean treked to a waterfall. It was about 20k or more round trip and some bush-wacking to get to the fall but it was spectacular. Lots of water and hundreds of meters high. We sat under it and bathed (see photo - Dad;-))and the pressure of the water was incredible. Like getting a massage. Everyone says high, and I do mean everyone. They are all here getting ready for the Tuamotus. We served Delos Mahi Mahi last night and they left for the Tuamotus today.

5/12 In Transit
Just sailed from Tahuata to Nuku Hiva. We left in the middle of the night and had a great sail. The trades have been reinforced but last night they were mellow We had full sail up the whole time and never saw more than 20kts. There are lots of fires but they are intentional. Delos was out there with us. We got to spend some time with them on Tahuata. Not much else is new. I got my radio parts a long time ago and just got the engine parts from Silver lining who got them from Capaz at my request. Hopefully today I can get the engine up and running My arms are getting a little too ripped from the rowing... Ill try to post on the blog today but between emails to you and mom, there is not much else to report. Hope you are well and get out on the boat for 17 May.

5/7 Coconut
In Fatu Hiva I could receive poorly and did a couple of times, but transmitting sucked. Here is is OK at night. We are the only boat in Baie Hapatoni. The anchorage here is sketchy which is why, but the locals are the coolest and most friendly I have seen so far. We think it is because they don't get many boats. We chilled with a carver and his apprentice most of the day at his house because it rained a lot. We might go to his cousin's wedding on Saturday. We also hiked down a beautiful beach all to ourselves and swam in the sea. I did hurt my toes climbing up some rocks getting out of the water. I don't think I broke any but it hurt worse than it should have and they are sore now. I also ate my first coconut off the ground. Liz knew how to do it and now so do I!


Hey all,
We just sailed from tahuata to nuku hiva. This one will be short just to see if I can load a blog post on this connection. We went to an epic wedding. I carved a thunder bird for a wedding present and Liz made the bride ear rings. Fatu hiva and tahuata were both wonderful in different ways. The people in hapatoni were the best yet. I think it is because they dont get a lot of boats. The trades were reinforced, but last night we had full sail up the whole time and never saw 20 kts. I hope you all are well. today I will fix the outboard, my arms are getting a little too ripped from the rowing.

05/13/2010 | Jim Rooks, MD
Great to hear you're on the go again. Look forward to hearing of your adventures
05/19/2010 | Jeff Stivers
DOOOOD, E aha ta oe huru? I fully understand that you are launched in paradise... but please please make a effort to do a few more postings about your travels. It's the only thing keeping me sane as I endlessly toil my life away behind this desk. PEACE BRO - Stivers
a bit from liz

Kaoha Nui, this is liz in Hiva Oa, just joined onto secret agent man a few days ago, and am stoked to become crew! Have gotten a sweet marquesan family to hang out with , and met their grandpa today, who is the mayor too. Everyone here is really friendly, and it will be sad to leave this island, but i am excited to be moving on soon.

04/22/2010 | jane and jon
U r ambassdor-(ess)of the aloha.
04/27/2010 | Josie Z
miss you liz - sounds like an adventure!!

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